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Afifah Bintang Umarizka Azzahra

Zalige Bridge
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
The experience of the landscape and
the recreational value of the
surrounding park are the key
elements to the Zalige bridge. The
bridge is an integral part of the park’s
path structure. The transition
between the bridge and the path is
smooth and gradual. At the bridge’s
landings so-called ‘stepping stones’
adorn the side of the bridge/path.
When water levels are low, these
high concrete blocks can be used as
benches offering a beautiful view on
the countryside and the city of
Nijmegen. However, as water levels
rise, the function and significance of
the stepping stones changes: they
become the only access route to the
bridge: an intermitted path over
the water.

On Water, Ayşe Erkmen
an invisible or - depending on the view - partly The artist points out problems of a sociological and city-planning
visible underwater pedestrian bridge in the nature: How are borders drawn on maps, and how is
harbour of Münster. It was conceived by Berlin sociocultural access achieved on the drawing board? How can
and Istanbul based artist Ayse Erkmen for existing hurdles be overcome, both physically and
Skulptur Projekte 2017.
Just below the surface of the water between
the bustling Nordkai (northern pier) and the
industrialized Südkai (southern pier) she
installed a jetty that links the two riverbanks. It
creates the impression that visitors are walking
on water
The municipal harbour of the Danube-Ems
Canal, which is rarely used by ships, now
becomes accessible on foot to Münster’s
residents and visitors, thus linking two separate
urban spaces that were previously separated by
the harbour basin—using a water bridge rather
than a land bridge.
Banpo Bridge
Seoul, Korea Selatan
The Banpo Bridge is a major bridge in
downtown Seoul over the Han River,
South Korea, connecting the Seocho
and Yongsan districts. The bridge is on
top of Jamsu Bridge, forming the
upper half of a double-deck bridge; it
is the first double deck bridge built in
South Korea.
The Moonlight Rainbow is the world's
longest bridge fountain with nearly
10,000 LED nozzles that run along both
sides that is 1,140m long. The bridge
has 38 water pumps and 380 nozzles
on either side, which draw 190 tons of
water per minute from the river 20
meters below the deck, and shoots as
far as 43 meters horizontally.
Moses Bridge
Halsteren, The Netherlands
The West Brabant Water Line is a defense-
line consisting of a series of fortresses and
cities with inundation areas in the south-
west of the Netherlands. When the water
line was finally restored, an access bridge
across the the moat of one of the fortresses,
Fort de Roovere, was needed. This fort now
has a new, recreational function and lies on
several routes for cycling and hiking.
It is, of course, highly improper to build
bridges across the moats of defense works,
especially on the side of the fortress the
enemy was expected to appear on. That's
why we designed an invisible bridge. Its
construction is entirely made of wood,
waterproofed with EPDM foil. The bridge lies
like a trench in the fortress and the moat,
shaped to blend in with the outlines of the
landscape. You can then walk up to its gates
like Moses on the water.
Bostanlı Footbridge
& Sunset Lounge
Bostanlı Mahallesi, Park İçi Yolu, 35590 Karşıyaka/İzmir, Turkey

Bostanlı Footbridge', was proposed to

connect two sides of Bostanlı Creek and thus to
complete one of the missing pieces of the continuous
coastal promenade. With its slightly bow shaped
longitudinal-section and specially designed girder
geometry, the bridge allows the passage of small boats
underneath and provides access to the floating
pontoon located in the creek. This new urban structure,
oriented according to its unique position which
provides a view of the bay on one side and the city
on the other, has therefore been designed with an
asymmetrical cross-section. This special section is
formed by several cascading thermo-wood surfaces
installed on a steel frame, allowing users to enjoy
the view of the bay either sitting or sprawling.
Bostanlı Sunset Lounge', which lays on one of the few coastal fragments facing directly west in
Karşıyaka, is a set of cascading thermo-wood covered platforms which form an inviting urban surface,
streching between the artificial slope covered with trees and the embankment itself. The simplicity and
fluence in the surface geometry, encourage the user to experience a more direct relationship with the
setting sun and the sea. Just as in the case of the footbridge, this wide ash wood covered surface also has
a welcoming sensation which is mostly an influence of the natural texture of the material.

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