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ModSum: Modification Summary

Related BM is BM6010.03.03.05

Modsum is a final delivery to BA from TA.

Purpose of creating charts on Modsum is to track
1) How many MODSUMS are created and released.
2) How much time is taking to release a Modsum.
Click on Reports 1

Click on Modsums 2 It will automatically creates a excell

and save it to required location
This chart explains about how many Modsums created and released per week.

Open the MS report excel and apply the filter on Row 1.

Using the column E and F create the chart.

3 Click on

Click on Excel it automatically creates

an excel save it to required location

Modsums are created based RTE, RFC, TPCR and PCR

PCR, TPCR, RFC and RTE is defined

in column I of MS report .

Order is PCR, TPCR, RFC and RTE

If you see combination of RFC and

RTE this should be considered as RFC

Insert a column and rename it

Category, sort ( write a formula) all
authority data to RTE, RFC, TPCR and

Need to bring this Category column

from MS Report to WF Report excel.

Also need to bring MS Creation Date

column (F) from MS Report to WF
Report excel.
This chart created using WF report excel which is modified using MS
report excel. (Previous slide explains how to bring Category column
and MS Creation date column)

Using Column “Released”

Open Avg Days aging is sum of each

modsum open day’s divided by total
Using the Category (RTE, RFC, TPCR and PCR) column and Status modsums from each category (RTE,
column get the information how many are at creation, Check/Review, RFC, TPCR and PCR).
Incorporate comment, Approve, Nomenclature
Work flow in Pre certification Modsum (Old Modsums Template)

Work flow in Pre certification Modsum Triumph (New Modsums Template)

This chart created to show the time taking
for each work flow.
Time should be taken start from Modsum

For getting the time for Design Creation, it

should be deference between column H
and column F.
These are parallel activities while
calculating the time, be careful that time
should be taken based on the first approval
time to next time entered.