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Defining Quality standards……

Quality Assurance thru Technology
We are marketing the highest quality blood collection systems, being manufactured by

an international brand, which itself speaks of the quality.

CE Certificates

CE Report for Tubes

CE Approval for Needles

ISO9001 Certificate

ISO13485 Certificate

Quality Policy
• All aspects of production and work methods employed throughout the whole of C.D.RICH conform to ISO9001 & ISO13485. C.D.RICH has been certified according to these standards. • Rigorous inspections and control checks are carried out the first taking place as soon as the raw materials enter the plant. During actual production, in-process inspections are made, and a final check is made when production is complete.

Blood Collection System Components

Holder Evacuated tube

Tube components
• Color-Coded Cap • Tube • Label: additive, drawing volume, Lot #, expire date, CE mark were stated. • Scale line

Needle components
End with rubber sleeve

Venipuncturing End Though-link Piping-link

Blood flow can be seen for adapting clinical practice

Standard size and compatible with most common double-ended needles.

• Accurate vacuum amount makes blood volume correct • Standard color-coded caps facilitate usage • Airtight system ensures completely blend • Accurate proportion between additive and original specimen • Multiple specimens collected with one puncture • Save your time while improve the accuracy of test.

CATALOG of tubes
All can be produced according to your requirement

Color-Coded Cap

Blood draw(ml) 3/4/5 3/4/5 1/2/5 1.8/2.7/3.6 1.6/2.4 3/4/5 2/3

Additives Clot activator,gel none EDTAK3 Sodium citrate Sodium citrate Sodium heparin Sodium fluoride

For serum determinations in chemistry. For serum determinations in chemistry and serology.
For whole blood hematology determinations. For coagulation determinations.

For Corpuscle Sedimentation Test For plasma determinations in chemistry. For glucose determinations.

CATALOG of needles
Green Black Green Black Holder 21G 22G 21G 22G Throughlink Throughlink Piping-link Piping-link -

CATALOG of Urine & Stool collection system
Urine cup #1 Urine cup #2 Stool cup #1 Stool cup #2 40ml 50ml 25*45mm 25*45mm Without pouring hole One manual collection hole Non-sterile Single package and sterile

Our Product Categories
• Laboratory Glassware • Disposables • Microscope Slides & Cover Glasses • Medical Instruments

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