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Members of group:

 Nurul Nabilah Binti Abdullah

 Nurul Ayunni Binti Ibrahim
 Nur Amylia Binti Roslan
 NurFarahin Binti Hazlan
 The story is about a young Thai girl called Dawan, living

in a small village, who won a scholarship to study in a
city middle school. She faced the disapproval of her
father who thought that studying was not for girls and
she should have given the scholarship to her brother as
he was second in the test. Dawan tried many ways to
persuade her father to let her further her studies. She
fought for her right to get basic education to see more of
the world beyond her small village. Even thought she
failed many times, she managed to convince her father
in the end. When the bus arrived to take her to the city,
she almost changed her mind because she was
reluctant to leave everything and everyone in the village.
After her grandmother convinced her, she finally went,
leaving the village behind her to pursue her dream.
Dawan ( Main Characters)

 Dawan is the protagonist of this novel.
 She is a 14 year old Thai girl,the eldest child in her family.
 She is a dynamic character.

Happy and
intelligent Ambitious
 Kwai, 13 years old, is Dawan’s younger brother
 Kwai is very much like Dawan and has the same ideals about

helping people.
He is a dynamic character

 He struggle with his weaknesses and overcome them by the end of
the story.

and Smart
Minor Characters
Dawan father
 A farmer who used to be a quiet and gentle person
 Works hard to provide for his family but it is a struggle because of the
tax he has to pay to the landlord

 Has high hopes that his eldest son, Kwai will get educated so he can
improve life for the family

Dawan’s grandmother
 Always comforting and supportive
~She is the only one in the family who tells Dawan that she
is proud of her achievement

 Wise
~ She uses the lotus flower to explain to Dawan about
changes in life