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Mental disability: Meaning

A mental disability :- Its a general

intellectual handicap, resulting
directly or indirectly from injury to
the brain or from abnormal
neurological development
It is a type of mental condition that
significantly impacts one or major
life activities.
Types of disabilities
There are following are types of disabilities :-
a) Down Syndrome:- Its most common
genetic condition.
b) Hydrocephalus:- Water on Brain
C) Cerebral Palsy:- Its an injury to the
development of the brain.
Causes of mental
Genetics( Heredity)
Acquired brain and spinal injury
Trauma before birth
Trauma during birth
Factors triggering Mental

 Feeling of low self esteem, anxiety or loneliness

 Substance abuse by a person
 Emotional, physical or sexual abuse
 Neglect or bully
 Early loss of loved one
What is Autism?
• A mental condition, present from early
childhood, characterized by great difficulty in
communicating and forming relationships with
other people and in using language
• Caused by genetic and environmental factors
• It affected around 24.8 million people
Compassion towards
autistic people
•Govt is providing employment to these
•In many parts of world they have been
given free treatment
•As they face difficulty in communicating
, we can show compassion by giving
respect and helping them in speech
•It should be accepted as a difference
and not treated as a disorder
Govt is providing training and also giving many
employment opportunities to them
Improvements made but
still a long way to go
•Many states have developed a separate
court to deal with mentally ill people but
still we find them in trouble
•Mentally ill people often experience
shorter, poorer, unhappier lives . Things
can only get better if we show
compassion towards them
•By donating medicines we can help
them , this is the right thing we can do
•They need equality in society, this is only
possible by our actions
•We can not cure their disease but we can
make them happy by our actions
•Though many laws are passed for these
people but they can only be at a better
stage if we implement them properly
•We have to make them feel that they are not
disabled instead dis is able.
Attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder is a mental disorder
which affects children and teens
and can continue in adulthood.
Children with ADHD may be
hyperactive and unable to
control their impulses or they
may have trouble in paying
Symptoms of ADHD in
Causes of ADHD:
Brain communication
Poor nutrition
Chemical imbalance
Self-Compassion: An Important
Tool in Managing ADHD

 Practicing self compassion can lead

to lower levels of anxiety, depression,
and stress.
 Some tips for practising self
compassion are:
• recognizing what we do well
• accepting who we are
• changing our inner critics
• motivation
“differently abled people-
blessings in disguise”

 Supportive and helpful.

 Concerned.
 Encouraging.
 Giving small responsibilities.
 Appreciating .
“differently abled people–blessings
in disguise”

 Discouraging.
 Humiliate.
 Teasing.
 Sympathy.
 Look down upon.
How we can show compassion
towards special children
We can show compassion towards
special kids by:-
 By not being pity towards them.
 By giving them equal opportunities to
By giving them time for self care
By motivating them
Don’t make them feel
that they are burden
for some one
Make them realize
that they just like a
normal human being

Organize some events or

functions for them were they can
take part and discover what is
hidden with in them.
Play unique games with them
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