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History of Program

Development and
Early Childhood
Education in
Government’s Support
 The Malaysian government places a strong emphasis on ECCE
and has formulated the National Policy for Early Childhood Care
and Education.
• Provide a foundation for healthy growth and development which
expose them to activities in nation building.
• Enhance their readiness for primary school education.
• Numerous initiatives to make early childhood programmes more
accessible especially for urban disadvantaged children through
allocation of funds.
After the second world war
• The ASEAN preschool education

Pre- school established in the Philippines ,
Singapore and Thailand only

• In Malaysia , the development of
pre-school education began
development in

Before the days After the days

of Merdeka of Merdeka
the preschool
was opened by
missionaries to
education British There was no
impact by professional
imposing fees training for the
which are very teachers
expensive and
only for the
children from rich
1969,Asia Foundation has to establish preschool similar to the
donated money to the projects " Head Start" in the US
Association of Workers States

The kindergarten was

The target group consists established in the State which
of children who are less is in Kampung Muniady , Kg .
luck of the descendants Manggis and Kg . Sentosa .
of Malays, Chinese and
Indians .
1970′s, KEMAS has opened Park Child Care
( childcare centers ) are in line with lNew
philosophy Rura Development. This program
provides services to rural , urban and
suburban areas of low-income earners and
poor .

1973, Malaysian Kindergarten Association

was established with the help of Sister
Denise Paguatte
1980, RISDA established
preschool for children of
rubber planters

1976, Preschool (TABIKA) of National

Unity Department was established.
1972, Curriculum
Development Centre has
published the Handbook of
Education Pre-school and
pre-school has opened 12
attempts in all Malaysia.

Ceras has trained 137 school teachers

and teachers in pre-school education for
teaching in preschool Apart from the
increasing number of pre-school from
year to year , the number of expansion
preschool under the Ministry of
Education by state also increased from
year after year.
 In 1981, the Foundation has established the Institute of
Kindergarten Teachers' Centre Child Development and seek
advice from Universiti Malaya .
 On December 18, 1991 , the Cabinet met to discuss
preschool programmes in Malaysia and on 27 January 1992 ,
the Ministry of Education have begun to meet to discuss the
expansion of preschool .
 Impression of the above meeting , the Education Act 1996 ,
have voiced about pre-school education in the National
Education system . The impact of education act preschool ,
on June 6, 2001 , a special meeting of the Cabinet for
program preschool expansion ..
1. Pre- school established in how many
countries in 1900 ?And what are those
3 countries, Filipines , Singapore and
2. In 1969,what is the purpose Asia Foundation has
donated money to the Association of Workers
Malaysia ?
to establish preschool similar to the projects " Head
Start" in the US States