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Telenor Tier 3 Data Center

April 2011
About Telenor Tier 3 Data Center

Telenor built it´s own Data Centar in accordance with the latest
industrial standards.

Telehousing services in Telenor Data Center are available to customers

from January 2011.

Telenor´s Telehousing services are tailored to the needs of large

companies, financial institutions, ISP´s, content providers and others
for whom the service availability and the equipment and IT systems
security are of primary business importance.

• Telenor Group
• Local Standards (SRPS)
• RATEL regulations
• ASHRAE recommendations
• Fire Brigade Regulations
• TIA-942 (Telecommunications Industry Association)
• Site space and layout
• Cabling infrastructure
• Tiered reliability
• Environmental considerations
Data Center Tiers

• Multi-million dollar business • Two independent utility paths

Tolerant Site

• 99,995% availability • Fully redundant (2N+1)


• Annual downtime due to • Able to sustain 96-hour power outage

site is 0,04 hours

• Large company • Multiple power and cooling paths



• 99,982% availability • Fault tolerant (N+1)


• Annual downtime due to • Able to sustain 72-hour power outage

site is 1,6 hours

• Medium-size business • Single path of power and



• 99,749% availability cooling


• Annual downtime due to • Some redundancy in power

site is 22,0 hours and cooling system

• Typically small business • Single path of power and

Basic Site

• 99,671% availability cooling

• Annual downtime due to • No redundant components
site is 28,8 hours
Telenor Tier 3 Data Center
One of the most advanced Data Centers in SEE region

• Separate stand alone facility with 2.600m2 space with full N+1
redundancy on all mechanical, electrical and connectivity infrastructure
• Technical space on three floors
• Loading/delivery docking area
• Freight elevator, capacity 2,500 kg
• Built in the 2009th with the flat roof and without windows
• Controlled access to facility via single entrance
• More emergency exits

Accommodation of user´s telecommunication equipment

• Cabinets/racks - Pre-installed standard racks (600x1.070x42U)
• Cage – optional
• Data room – optional
• Space with necessary infrastructure for collocation of storage racks
• Web portal – real-time monitoring of all relevant service parameters
• Hands & Eyes services
• Anti-static floor
• Raised floor, construction height 65cm, maximum load 1500 Kg/m2
• Structured cabling (Power cabling under raised floor, Data cabling overhead)
Telenor Tier 3 Data Center
Power supply

• Two independent 10kV underground utility feeders, from different

utility transformer substations 110/10 kV
• Mains: 3x400/230V AC, 50 Hz (Dry transformers 10/0.4 kV)
• Dual power feeds, possibility of maintenance one power branch
without affecting the functionality of the system
• Redundant UPS systems - 2x(n+1) with total power 2x(3x400kVA), 2h
• Diesel generator backup for all critical loads, 72 hours autonomy (at
full capacity) before refueling, 2N redundant
• Dual UPS power feed for each rack, fused by 1x32A+1x32A
• Power supply system with overload protection and protection
discrimination (selectivity) of circuit breakers

Air conditioning /Cooling

• Redundant air-conditioning, free-cooling chillers, indoor CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioner)
units, (N+1) redundancy
• Air-conditioning system separated from the rest of the facility
• Environmental conditions control system maintaining constant levels of temperature (22°C -
26°C (24 ± 2°C)) and humidity (40-60% (50 ± 10%))
• Concurrently maintainable air-conditioning and power supply system without threat to
availability of the telehousing services
Telenor Tier 3 Data Center
• Physical security system with 24x7x365 access control
• Video surveillance of the entire facility providing archive recordings to 3 months
• Monitoring elements are connected to alarm systems. All doors are built in accordance with
WK standard
• Electronic access control system over ID cards and PIN codes –access allowed only to pre-defined
areas, with continual monitoring
• The security fence around the building of 2.2m hight is connected with concrete bollards.
• Complete site perimeter is secured by IC barriers integrated in existing alarm system.

Fire Detection and Suppression

• Zoned fire detection system utilising VESDA (Very

Early Smoke Detection Aspirating)
• Zoned fire suppression system (IG-55)
• Fire retarding walls (F90)
• Monitoring elements are connected to alarm
• Smoke detectors are placed on the ceiling and
under the raised floor; functioning in terms of
power failor
• The closest fire brigade is 12 minutes away from
the facility
Telenor Tier 3 Data Center
Communication infrastructure

• ~ 2700 km of fiber optic network in Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria

• Multiple connections with local Internet providers and operators
• BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) over several Tier1 ISP`s
• DWDM capacity of 40 wavelengths, 10 Gbps per wavelength
(expandable up to 80 wavelengths with 40 Gbps per wavelength)
• Completely redundant networking equipment with dual power supplies
and spare units for all critical equipment
• Telenor Serbia is building the best data (All IP) network in Serbia
• Services (Dark fiber, Wavelength, SDH capacities, Ethernet solutions)


• All systems and network are monitored by

Telenor`s NOC 24/7/365
• Trouble ticketing system