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The Use of Instructional Technology in

Teaching and Learning

Ideas for implementation of technology in education

Technology in Education
Technological advances in various facets characterize the 21st Century. Educational
technology is also fast growing, just like the world’s development.
Computer-based teaching and learning have significantly revolutionized the education
schemes, leading to the development of improved teaching approaches. This has
reduced considerably the application of traditional teaching methods.
Both educators and students have the responsibility of taking into account
instructional research that aims at making the application of technology in education
Notably, tech devices can be used as tutors, teaching tools, and also as a tutee. The
users are central to determining the expected role in a specific context.
Significance of Technology in Education

• Promotes interactivity
• Easy access of content
• Caters to individual learner needs
• Emphasizes on collaboration
• There are a variety of preferences in its scope
• Easy to monitor learner development
• Facilitates summative and formative evaluation
• Encourages development of communication skills
Challenges facing technology-based
• Inadequate technological knowledge among teachers.
• Costly to implement.
• Lack of specificity in operation of the technologies.
• Distractions during class activities.
• Undermining of social dynamics.
Integration of Technology in Education
Successful integration of technology in learning institutions requires critical analysis of
the developments to make learning possible.
Technology resources need to be availed in learning institutions. For instance,
computers, mobile devices, internet and other applications need to be present in the
The factors that determine the success include:
• Transparency in application
• Accessibility and availability
• Ability to meet learner needs
Tech Devices in Education
Different devices are relevant to the teaching and learning process. Traditional
approaches can be integrated into tech application. The critical issue is having the right
knowledge to guarantee successful transfer of knowledge.
Also, the devices are often used as teaching devices, rather than learning tools. The
perception of an individual determines the manner in which they use the devices in
education to achieve learner development.
Therefore, the devices are learner-centered, and instructors should encourage their use
to illuminate their essence as instruction media.
Relatedly, the devices need to be infused into different activities to guarantee
effectiveness in learning. Such actions can include student assessment.
A Tech World
The education system is trying to stay relevant in this age by seeking to integrate tech-based
teaching and learning. Amid the benefits, learning institutions need to consider the anxiety and
frustrations that accompany the developments. Adept knowledge in computer science,
psychology, pedagogy, cybernetics, and informatics among other aspects is critical to
implementing the use of technology in schools.
Individual concerns of different stakeholders on matters technology have to be handled to
make sure that the programs are put into action without significant hiccups. This can include
the existing inferiority complex on managing specific technology gadgets.
Making gadgets available for use often eliminates the fears and possible inexperience in their
Relevance of Technological Pedagogical
Content Knowledge( TPCK)
This is a framework developed by teachers to promote the institution of technology
knowledge in teaching and learning.
It is ideal for the identification of the shortcomings of the rigid, complex, and ill-
structured teaching approaches.
Identification of nature of technologies and the individuals that need to effect is
operation is evident in the TPCK scheme. It is relevant in tech-education because it
breaks down the complex interaction of the bodies of knowledge; content, pedagogy,
and technology.
Application of TPCK in an education setup promoted flexibility of knowledge, both
theoretically and in practice.
Technology and the Future
The applications of technology should not be limited to the education settings. The world is
digital, and it is essential to apply technology in the real world for steady and continuous
growth. Instructional technology is just but an eye-opener and a base where learners are meant
to acquaint themselves with the basics of the applications.
Markedly, the use of internet in teaching and learning is a universal function. The knowledge
can be used in activities like banking. Thus, learner development does not end in educational
evaluation but rather their application in overcoming world challenges.
Technology is now part of the world, and should not be seen as a separate entity. Thus, having
the necessary knowledge of computer applications and functions is essential.
The teaching and learning process ought to be improved with the changing
world on matters technology. When learners encounter with teaching
approaches that involve the use of devices that they encounter with everyday,
learning becomes exciting and productive.
The effectuality of the use of technology in education depends on the manner
in which the tech devices are used. Despite the existence of challenges in the
application, there are remedies to guarantee instructional success.