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Presented by DR. AJAY SINGH
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shubham jaryal (1423040049)
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• To minimize the power needed to operate the manual jack.

• to cut down the time period
• Helpful for the senior citizen and women
• Automatic system to ensure comfort ability

• An automotive jack is a device used to raise all or part of a vehicle into

the air in order to facilitate repairs.
• Most people are familiar with the basic car jack (manually operated) that
is still included as standard equipment with most new cars.
• These days, a car jack is an important tool to have in our vehicle due to
unknown upcoming event such as flat tire in our journey.
• Even so, people who like to rotate their tires themselves or who may
install snow tires before the winter and remove them in the spring need to
use a jack to perform the job.
• Pneumatics is basically a method to turn electricity into mechanical
motion using compressed gasses instead of motors or electromagnets.
• For many applications, this is much more efficient and practical.
Systems typically include an air compressor, which stores compressed air
in a cylinder and release it under electric control.
• The compressed gas is almost always ordinary air because it is free and
non- toxic. Often the air is slightly modified by taking out some of the
water vapor and adding a small amount of atomized oil to make the gas
more machine friendly.
• The working medium adopted is compressed air. The compressed air is
transmitted through tubes to pneumatic cylinder where power is converted into
reciprocating motion.
• The reciprocating motion is obtained by using an electrically controlled solenoid
• The input to the solenoid valve is given through the control unit. The
reciprocating motion transmitted to the jack through the piston which moves on
the cylinder.
• The jack is placed under the vehicle chassis, where the vehicle to be lifted.
• The vehicle can be lifted when the solenoid valve is switched. The vehicle over
the jack gets the reciprocating motion through the piston which is connected to
the jack.
• Thus using a pneumatic jack the vehicle can be lifted with ease in operation.
 1.Air used in pneumatic systems can be directly exhausted back In to the
surrounding environment and hence the need of special reservoirs and no-
leak system designs are eliminated.
 2. Pneumatic systems are simple and economical
 3. Control of pneumatic systems is easier
 1. Pneumatic systems exhibit spongy characteristics due to compressibility of air.
 2. Pneumatic pressures are quite low due to compressor design limitations(less
that 250 psi).
 3. Warm and moist suction air will result increased precipitation of condense from
the compressed air.
• The model works correctly as per the design.
• With the help of this system, we can efficiently reduce the cost in power .
• Further advancement in this technology can be made.
• Any set of Diameter with any profile and skew shaft too can be used, but it
should have rotation about its own axis.
• Both the driving and driven shaft should run on the same RPM.
• The mechanism transmits the motion efficiently up to 100 RPM.
• Generally Stainless Still is used as the Rod material.
• Minimum 3 Nos. of pins should be used for to make transmission possible.
• This mechanism can give up to 92% of efficiency .
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