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GD - Method Adoption Workshop (MAW)

Change request for Document of Understanding (DoU)

Client Processes Project Tailoring

& Methods Decisions (PTD)

IBM Processes Project Management System

& Methods Summary (PMSS)

MAW Method Adoption Workshop. Its a joint workshop of GD and Geo Delivery teams to define the technical delivery process. This
includes a discussion and definition of processes, process assets / work products, checkpoints and release gates. It also defines
development / delivery standards and procedures to be followed. Wherever needed, we adopt the client processes.

PTD Project Tailoring Document. It is a project's procedural reference point. It is used to document at a highlevel all processes and work
products applicable to a project, and customizations if any. Any kind of tailoring done by a project to meet specific requirements are
defined in PTD. PTD includes all aspects of project startup, execution and closure, and hence includes details on project
management, tracking, technical delivery(based on service lines like AMS, AIS, Testing etc.)

DoU Document of Understanding. This is a business controls mandated document that defines the R&R and deliverables between two
DCs involved in a project delivery. It is initiated by the supplier DC and is reviewed and approved by the contract holding DC. This
defines the scope of delivery, Exclusions (if any), Roles and responsibilities, Deliverables, Acceptance Criteria, SLA / KPI( as
applicable), Costs, DSP requirements etc.

PMSS The Project Management System is the way in which the project is managed. It is documented as a collection of plans and
procedures, which direct all project management activity, and records, which provide evidence of their implementation.

The Project Management System Summary is a relatively short document. The level of detail is such that all the key aspects of the
project (i.e. those of which the sponsor and/or functional management should be aware) are fully documented, but less important
information is relegated to the supporting plans, procedures and records.
GD - Method Adoption Workshop (MAW) - Outcome

Sample Project Management System Summary (PMSS)

Sample Project Tailoring Documents (PTD)

Tools Matrix

Roles and responsibilities

SME List
When should I Consider Agile in the opportunity

• Time to Market is the primary driving factor

• Client relationship is Good
• Scope is not very clear and at a high level
• Scope is likely to change
• Project time line is too far out
• Product Development
• Possibility of Automation: Continous Integration Environment exists
• Client tools supporting Agile Development
• Client is not looking for Fixed Price as a hard condition