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The Importance of

Mindful Practices in the


Kassy Pointer and Oriana Amaya

What is mindfulness?

● Being fully present in the moment

● Aware of surroundings
● What is happening/what you are doing
● Acknowledging emotions
● Validating emotions
● Therapeutic techniques
● Anyone can do it! (Inclusive!)

How can mindful practice benefit a classroom?
● Heightened sense of
● Calming for students with
behavioral issues
● Judgment-free zone →
improved communication

● Decrease negative energy in

classroom 3
What could be the potential benefits of practicing
mindfulness in a classroom setting?
● Universal benefits to all
students AND teachers!
- Empathy
- Aware of one’s own emotions
- Concentration and insight
- Emotional and physical
- Destigmatization
Potential Disadvantages

● Abuse of privileges
● Potential distraction
● May lose focus temporarily
● Potential costs
● Less time spent on curriculum
● Parental feedback

How can mindfulness be implemented?
Active vs. Passive methods
● ‘Mindful Minute’ Exercises
● Scheduled time to practice mindfulness
● Make it a requirement
○ Establish its importance
● Age of implementation:
- Elementary → Introduction
- Junior High → De-stigmatization
- High School → Habitual

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