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• On March 14, 1995, Horinek and his wife , Bonnie went out for drinks,
and then went home. Later that evening, a distraught Horinek called
911, saying his wife had been shot.

• From the outset, as everything pointed to suicide, the police, crime

scene techs as well as the district attorney agreed, that the victim has
indeed committed suicide. That should have been the end of the matter.

• The wife’s family refused to believe that she committed suicide and
hired a private attorney who obtained a grand jury indictment of

• Warren was headed for acquittal until the testimony of the prosecution’s
final witness—a blood spatter expert from Oklahoma named Tom Bevel.
• Tom Bavel testified that the small spots of blood found on Warren’s t-shirt the night of
• Bonnie’s deaththat
He testified werethe
of blood
blood spatter
gunshot whicht-shirt
Warren’s proved the
Warren had fired a gun the night of the murder.
night of Bonnie’s death were certainly the result of blood spatter of
gunshot which proved Warren had fired a gun the night of the murder.

• Bevel’s blood spatter testimony led to Warren’s conviction.

• Jurors believed Bevel; Horinek was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

List of persons involved
A former Fort Worth, Texas police officer for 9 years

A several drinking problem got him fired

Been married to Bonnie for 3 years

History of abuse to wife

attorney at
Jackson &
Walker in
Fort Worth
Married to
warren for
3 years Said she
was afraid
of him
when he
was drunk

Last person
to testify

Oklahoma –
pattern analyst

He studied
Warren’s blood
stained t-shirt

Ex husband Parents of Bonnie

statement Horinet

Colleagues of
Bonnie Horinet

Bonnie Horinet Warren Horinet

mental state History
• Warren Horinek was convicted of murdering his wife (first
believed to be suicide)

• Warren was put in jail due to blood spatter analysis.

• The jury could have given more weight to the testimony

supporting the homicide theory than it did to the testimony
supporting the suicide theory

• Court overrule appellant's point and affirm his conviction

Easily free due
to work as Investigation
former police not done
officer thoroughly


Difficulty to
get the Clarify based
correct facts on first sight
according to (Evidences)
crime scene
What can we study ?
We need to investigate thoroughly
any crime scene

All things in the crime scene can act

as evidence

Basic knowledge about forensic

study is important
Scandal/ Controversy In
Scandal With DS.Najib Razak
- having relationship in Paris (2005)
- Become a mistress for DS. Najib
- DS.Najib swear in mosque that he
do not know Altantuya
Scandal with Razak Baginda
• They had an affair and Altantuya
assisted him in translating Russian
• They broke up around August 2005.
• Harassed Razak Baginda for US
Rosmah Mansor
• Was one of the three individuals
who were present at the crime
scene when Altantuya Sharibuu was
- Fled to Australia
- Claimes she was not pregnant
The killers, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri
(photo, far right) and Corporal Sirul Azhar
Umar (photo, middle), were members of
an elite police commando unit that
provided bodyguards for Malaysia's top
leaders, including then Defence Minister
Najib Razak, now prime minister.
The likely motive for
the murder of
Altantuya Shaariibuu
was to get rid of a

Former Inspector-General “Unfortunately Razak Baginda

of Police Musa Hassan was released,” he said. “People
have asked what was his
motive to kill her. If you want to
ask about the motive, the
victim herself had lodged a
police report on why she was
blackmailing him. Now that’s
the motive.
Altantuya went to a police station earlier on the day of her murder to file
a self-typed report in which, in broken English, she repeatedly expressed
fears for her life.

She wrote: A letter in her handwriting was found in

, “I’m just a normal girl trying to her hotel room after her death. In it, she
meet my lover who lied to me admitted having threatened to harm
and promised many things but Abdul Razak’s daughter, and regretted
now (he) want(s) to put me in having “bothered” and “blackmailed”
jail or kill (me). Only reason I'm him, without specifying how. But she
also wrote, “I’m (a) nice person. I can’t
here (is) because he ruined my
hurt someone but (Abdul Razak) is a
life with lies… but now (he is) powerful person, he (has) money (and)
trying to scare me and kill me… he (has) connection (to the) police
I really understand he doesn’t (and the) government… If he didn’t
love me any more… I want to promise me, I would (have) never
go back safely." She was dead come from far away to Malaysia.”
that night.
Rumour has circulated for years
that Altantuya died because she
tried to capitalise on inside
knowledge - gained as a
translator - of allegedly corrupt
negotiations for Malaysia to buy
two French-built submarines, by
blackmailing Abdul Razak for
 Ms Altantuya was involved
in the negotiations for the
Malaysian government's
US$1.1 billion purchase in
2002 of French Scorpene
submarines, with Mr Abdul
Razak in charge of the
Abdul Razak Baginda
 Allegations have
simmered for eight years
that Altantuya Shaariibuu
was murdered to keep her

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