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Theme: Pluralist society

Chapter 1 Culture and identity

p.142 - 147
 Small group assignment with four questions
(round 1 & 2)
 Example of cultural similarities and differences
about kinship (Papoea and Navajo)
 Definition of culture
 What are three functions of culture (what is the
importance of culture)?
 How does a culture starts and develops?
 TED talk: How culture drives behaviour…

 You can give a definition of ‘culture’ and can explain
three functions of culture;
 You can describe the concept of role-behaviour and can give
examples of different roles you have;
 You can explain and recognize the differences between
dominant culture and subcultures and counter cultures;
 You can explain and recognize how culture is transfered and
can explain the influence of socializing institutions;
 You can describe the concepts of identity and identification
and can apply them in a given context.

Learning goals
 all values, norms Culture coordinates
 and other acquired our behaviour
characteristics like dancing partners
 the members of a or like a flock of birds
group or society
 have in common
 and consider natural

Definition Culture
 Source of social identity:
it contributes to who you are, feeling of

 Common frame of reference :

people with a shared culture can exchange
thoughts and feelings more easily

 Regulates behaviour: you know what to do

and what to expect (role behaviour is developed)

Functions of a culture
 What: Write down answers on four
questions about culture
 How: In groups of four
 Time: 10 minutes & 10 minutes
 Help: Teacher will walk around
 Result: Exchange answers in different
small groups
 Ready: Look through the text book page
142 and further
1. Write down six examples of cultural differences
regarding the way people eat, sleep, dress.
2. Write down two cultural differences about the
relation between generations, the relation
between male and female.
3. How much does the culture someone lives in,
influences his/her identity?
4. What could be the main reasons for the
emergence of different cultures?
 Culture
natural, but
it isn’t!
 Culture
over time
 Pluralist society (cultural differences)
is from every day and age…

 City – country side

 Young – old
 Male – female
 Rich - poor
 High educated – not or less education

It also depends on how important you find those

things: identity is a social construction!
Who are your father and
Who are your brothers
and sisters?

Faces of culture: Kinship

What are main
of this
TED speech?

How culture drives behaviour



What kind of Asian are you?