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Review text
The identify of the film
• Movie title : Assalamu'alaikum Beijing
• Genre : Romantic-Religious
• Director : Guntur Soeharjanto
• Playwritter : Asma Nadia
• Cast :
Revalina S. Temat, Morgan Oey, Ibnu Jamil, Laudya C. Bella,
Desta, Ollyne Apple, Cynthia Ramlan, Jajang C. Noer
Review about Assalamu’alaikum
I really love all the novels written by Asma Nadia. So when the
Assalamu'alaikum Beijing novel is filmed , I can hardly wait for the movie in
theater. Because it is certainly very good quality movie.

The film is directed by Guntur Soeharjanto. The film with the tagline "If you
do not find love, let love find you". In accordance with the novel title, the film is a
lot to discuss religion and love. Soit is labeled as romantic religious genre. The
film tells the love story that is experienced by Asmara (Revalina S. Temat) who
was broken heart knowing her fiance, Dewa(Ibn Jamil) had an affair with her
friend Anita (Cynthia Ramlan) just a day before the wedding took place. At the
same time, finally Asthma received a job in Beijing due to the help of Sekar
(Laudya Cynthia Bella). On the way Asma met Zhongwen (Morgan Oey). Asma
began to open her heart to Zhongwen. However, before continuing their
relationship, Asma was diagnosed APS, a syndrome that made her life in danger
and could die at any time.
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The plot is interesting, combined with beauty of the city of Beijing

gives this movie valuable. Moreover, the film was played by famous actors
and actresses like Revalina S. Temat who has experienced in the world of
cinema, Morgan Oey although this is his debut in feature films, but his
acting is so admirable.

Essentially, this Assalamu'alaikum Beijing film must be watched.

Because it is very high quality movie and inspires any audience. This film
is suitable for you who need motivation to move on.