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Pheven Yohannes

Hate groups should be allowed to have open

assemblies because it follows the 1st
Amendment, but it has to be according to the
 Right to open, peaceful assemblies
 Freedom to petition the government
 Freedom of speech
 Freedom of the press
 Freedom of religion
 Entitled to assemble and to speak and be heard
 Must remain nonviolent (no guns or weapons)
 Have respect for people’s speech, even if wrong
 Independence must come with rules or fees
 Must pay permit fee if is reasonable and officials do not
withhold the permit (“Freedom of Assembly” 2)
 Free-speech and assembly rights should not become more
costly even if marchers may elicit a hostile reaction
(“Freedom of Assembly” 3)
 Must remain nonviolent
 May not censor a particular viewpoint because they
disliked the content of the message (“Freedom of
Assembly” 2)
 May impose limitation on assembly rights
 Can’t take people’s rights away for their own pleasure even
if they don’t agree
 If it escalates, they are allowed to arrests and use force
 Goes with our first amendment
 To express our beliefs as Americans
 Should use the opportunity to impact others with our
strength as a country
 Listen to what others have to say
She was killed
between armed
 Can change people’s perspective and lives forever
 U.S Supreme Court did not recognize the importance of the right of
peaceful assembly
 “The right to peaceful assembly is a right cognate to those of free
speech and free press and is equally fundamental”
 The 1973 case between De Jonge and the state of Oregon (“ Freedom
of Assembly”)
 Protects peaceful, not violent assembly
 Must be a “clear and present danger”
 The high purpose can easily be sacrificed
 Assembly right must be respected even for those we
 Yes, hate groups should have open assemblies
 Must be nonviolent and clear that it is
 Weapons must not be present
 Respect other people’s rights
 Government officials may impose limitation
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