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Yup’ik Shaman mask

Asymmetrical Mask,1875,Eskimo
Sun Mask, Gene Brabant
Grouse Mask, Alfred Scow
Northwest dancer


Eagle Human, Henry Recce, Terry Star

Alder, Horse hair, paint
Chokwe mask, Wood Benin Kingdom people, Nigeria,
Wood buffalo
Mask (left)
Dancers with a
fish mask and a
crocodile mask
Yaka people, Congo, Initiation Mask
Funeral head mask, wood
Youthful Spirit Mask, Baule
Funerary Mask, wood,Western Sudan peoples. Wood, pigment
Muai Mask,
Middle Sepik

Tambuan mask
Papua New
Guinea (left)
Smallpox spirit whistler
mask, wood, 19th century
Spoon Mouth Mask, Clarence Longboat False Face Mask
Indian Masks

Folk dancer’s Mask

Mask of Somana Kunita
decorated with fresh flowers
Sri Lanka Masks

Amuku Sanni Yakka, Stomach disorders Kolam Natina Mask of a Nanda Gara
Sri Lanka Masks

Kolm Natina Mask of Yamma Raksaya,


Garra Yakka Mask, Sri Lanka, photo

Mary Wickline (top)
Sri Lanka Masks

Kalam Natina
Mask of a
Japanese Noh masks, by Toshizane
Japanese Noh Masks by artist Toshizane
Tiger Demon
Javanese Mask

Drama Mask
Carved from soft
wood and painted
in traditional
patterns and
Tibetan Masks

Gompo Masks, wood and paint

Paper-mache masks
Aymara people,
Paracas Mask from mummy
Happy Face, Actor’s mask, 199- bundle. 3-1 BCE, Greece
100 BCE, Hellenistic
Vejigante mask, Reinaldo Rodriguez,
Gourds Mask, Silvio Rebello
Coconuts, ramilla sticks, Puerto Rico
Masks, Sarajane Helm Star Wars, Jar Jar Binks, TNC Universe
Shaman mask in Gold, Green,
Queen Snively, Alyssa Ravenwood
and Brown. Wendy Ellertson
Created by Jerilynn Packer
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