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Review text
The identify of the book
• Title of the book : Blind Date
• Author : AliaZalea
• Publisher : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
• Year of published : 2010
• Pages : 272
• Size : 13,5 x 20 cm
Author profile
• Name : AliaZalea
• Born : Jakarta, Indonesia
• Gender : female
• Genre : Young Adult, Romance
Review about Blind Date
Aliazalea second novel, first novel "Miss Pessimistic", entitled "Blind
Date" tells the love story of a 27-year-old girl named Titania. Titania is an
Indonesian girl who lives in the U.S.. Cultural differences are encapsulated in
the theme of love becomes the background of this novel.
Setting of the novel that takes an area in North Carolina, America, is
well described by the author so that the reader can imagine the situation
there. Once Titania was heartbroken because of her love affair with Brandon,
a young lawyer, expired. The end of the relationship because of Titania
caught Brandon was cheating. Not only that, Brandon also have the heart to
say that no man wants make a relationship with Titania. (...)
Continued ...

To prove the words of Brandon is not true, and also because her
brother's insistence her, Titania register at a dating agency to meet with
someone who fits the criteria. While waiting list of men who will met by
Titania, Titania met a programmer named Rilley, in the "Fresh Market".
The first meeting of unintended continued to other meetings that
make Titania felt something in her heart. Not allegedly also turned Rilley is
one of the list of the men who organized the matchmaking. The stories of
romance was continued after they realized about it. The depiction of
American men on Asian girl becomes the topic that I love from the whole
story, even though overall I liked this novel. (...)
Continued ...
The nice delivery story that deliverd by the author, Aliazalea, will
make the readers will not be willing to blink their eyes when reading the
novel "Blind Date". The attractive story packaging that flows from the back
yard increment to the flesh, not far from the previous page.

With the advantage of the novel "Blind Date" is, it is proper novel
"Blind Date" this could be a recommendation for readers of romance novels