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Topic 4 Carbon Compounds

4.5 Analysing the process of making soap from oil palm

and the cleaning action of soap

ITeach – Science Form 5

Topic 4 Carbon Compounds
Analysing The Process Of Making Soap From Oil Palm And The Cleaning Action Of Soap

Structure Of Soap Molecules

Soluble in OIL

Soluble in WATER

Ionic head dissolves in water easily h________

long hydrocarbon does not dissolve in water, but

dissolves in organic compound such as greases and
oils h____________

ITeach – Science Form 5

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the lesson, students are able
a)Carry out the experiment of making soap
from oil
b)B) list down the characteristics of soap
To study the process of making soap
Apparatus / Materials:
Palm oil, Concentrated sodium hydroxide
solution, sodium chloride powder, water, red
litmus paper, beaker, tripod stand, wire gauze,
Bunsen burner, glass rod, spatula, measuring
cylinders, test tube
1. Pour 5cm3 of palm oil and 30cm3 of concentrated sodium
hydroxide solution into a beaker.
2. Boil and stir the mixture slowly for 5 minutes.
3. Add 50cm3 of water and two spatulas of sodium chloride
4. Boil and stir the mixture for 5 minutes.
5. Allow the mixture in the beaker to cool down and filter the
residue that is form.
6. Rinse the residue with a little water and dry with filter paper.
7. Touch the residue and shake it with water in a test tube.
8. Use the red litmus paper to test the residue. Observe the colour
on red litmus paper.
1. When touched, the residue feels _________________.
2. When shaken with water, ______________ are produced.
3. When tested with red litmus paper, the colour change from
___________ to ____________
1. One inference:
The white solid that is formed is __________________
2. Name of process : _______________________
3. Equation:
Palm oil + Sodium hydroxide  __________ + ____________
4. Others substances that can be used to replace sodium
5. Others substances that can be used to replace palm oil?
6. Function of sodium chloride:
7. (a) P : __________________
Dissolves in _____________ or _________________
Q: ___________________
Dissolves in ________________.