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o Brief introduction o History of UBL o Share holder profile o Organizational Structure o Financial snap shot o Products and services overview o Subsidiaries Overview o SWOT analysis o Conclusion oQ&As

. it has an asset of more than 550 Billion Rupees. It has presence in Pakistan by a network of 1.United Bank Limited (UBL) is one of the largest commercial banks in Pakistan. having a solid track record of about 50 years.112 branches and overseas representation by 15 branches and 2 subsidiaries banking companies.000 employees. manned by more than 11.

20million. In 1971 the Government of Pakistan nationalized UBL.Agha Hasan Abedi founded the bank in 1959 with an authorized capital of Rs. In 2002. the Government of Pakistan sold its 51% shares by an auction to a consortium of Abu Dhabi Group and Best way Group. .

Vision ´To be a world class bank dedicated to excellence.µ . and to surpass the highest expectations of our customers and all other stakeholders.

Mission 1. Optimize people. Set the highest industry standard for quality across all areas of operation. 2. Become the most sought after investment. on a sustained basis. 3. processes and technology to deliver the best possible financial solutions to our customers. .

Slogan .

Bangladesh. Iran. Uganda. Republic of Congo.The Abu Dhabi Group is one the largest UAE based group of investors actively participating in investment activities in countries like Pakistan. The market value of only the group portfolio can easily be stated to be in excess of US$ 10 billion. . the middle east and growing.

Major Investments of Dhabi Group in Pakistan: o Bank Alfalah Limited o United Bank Limited o Warid Telecom o Wateen Telecom o Alfalah Securities o Alfalah Insurance .

UBL Organizational Structure Board of Directors Presidents Vice Presidents Regional Chief District Managers Managers Operation Managers Officers Clerical staff .

OBE. Zameer Mohammed Choudrey Dr. Aameer Karachiwalla Chairman Deputy Chairman President & CEO Director Director Director Director Director Company Secretary & Chief Legal SEVP/Group Chief Financial Officer . Amin Uddin Mr. Aqeel Ahmed Nasir Mr. HPK Mr. Omar Ziad Jaafar Al Askari Mr.Board of Directors His Highness Shaikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez. Ashfaque Hasan Khan Mr. Bokhari Mr. Muhammad Sami Saeed Mr. Atif R.

UBL Ameen Subsidiary Companies oUnited National Bank Limited (UNBL). United Kingdom oUnited Bank AG (Zurich). Switzerland oUnited Insurer oUBL Fund Managers Limited .Holding Company: Modes of Banking: o o Conventional ² UBL Islamic .

United Kingdom UBL United Bank AG (Zurich). Switzerland Conventional & Islamic(Ameen) UBL Fund Managers Limited United Insurer .United National Bank Limited (UNBL).

is outstanding and safety is just below risk free Government of Pakistan's short-term obligations.Credit Rating by JCR . Short-term liquidity. Risk is modest but may vary slightly from time to time because of economic conditions. The short-term rating is A-1+. which denotes the highest certainty of timely payment. including internal operating factors and / or access to alternative sources of funds.VIS Credit Rating Company Limited Long Term Rating: 'AA + ¶. which denotes good credit quality. . Protection factors are strong.


DEPOSITS & COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS o UBL Business Partner .Pls Saving Account o UBL UniFlex o UBL Unisaver o Foreign Currency Savings o Foreign Currency Term Deposits Receipts o UBL Basic Banking Account .Current Account o Rupee Transactional Account (RTA) .

Visa ATM Debit Card o UBL Address .Auto Loan o UBL Agricultural o UBL Small Business .Home Loan Facility o UBL Businessline .Chip Credit Card o UBL Wiz .Business Financing Loan o UBL Cashline .SME Loan .Pakistan s First Prepaid Visa debit Card o UBL Wallet .Running Finance Facility o UBL Drive .CARDS & LOANS o UBL Credit Card .

Services: oUBL netbanking oUBL e-statement oHumrah oRemittance .

our first flagship branch. UBL·s Islamic Banking initiative. Jinnah Road opened its doors to the public on December 22. 2006. With that. we are proud to announce the launch of ´Ameenµ. located at M. 2006 (29 Ziqa·ad 1427 AH).United Bank Limited was awarded the Islamic Banking Branch license by the State Bank of Pakistan on December 16. A. . By the grace of Allah.

Products o Current Account o Saving Account o Certificate of Islamic Investment o Foreign Currency o Monthly Certificate of Islamic Investment Services o UBL o UBL o UBL o UBL o UBL Ameen Online Banking Ameen NetBanking Ameen e-Statement Ameen Visa Debit Card Ameen Lockers .

Commission of Pakistan. .UBL Insurers has been licensed to transact general insurance business in Pakistan with effect from 5th January. UBL Insurers seeks to bring banking and insurance together in offering comprehensive financial solutions. to better serve the existing customers of UBL as well as to bring in new business. 2007.

UBL insurance is providing covers for both personals and Businesses. The products are as following: oAuto insurance oHome insurance oAccident insurance oMarine insurance oEngineering insurance oLiability insurance oFire insurance .

And are also dealing in investment advises. The company is the first Asset Management Company to be launched by a bank in Pakistan. They are currently managing 5 open-end funds. and 9 open-end investment plans. 2009. 1 closed-end fund. .UBL Fund Managers was established in 2001. 25 billion as of September 30. UBL Fund Managers is currently managing funds over Rs. . making it one of the largest asset management companies in Pakistan.

SWOT Analysis: Strengths: oOwnership Of Strong Group oHuge Deposits oAdvances on Sound Basis oInfrastructure oBrands oFast Service oGood Credit Rating .

Weaknesses: o Centralization o Ineffective personnel policies o Low Motivation Level o Reactive Approach o Recovery o Land Marks across Pakistan .

Opportunities: o Mobile Banking o International Expansion o Trade Shows o Liberalization o Socio cultural o Islamic Banking .

Threats o Unfavorable political conditions o Governmental Policies o Aggressive Competition o International financial slump o Customer Behavior .

.Conclusion UBL is a strong. durable and innovative financial entity.

Q&As .

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