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 The facilities include runways . NACA is responsible for 72 airfields. cargo handling etc.Overview  The NACA (National Authority for civil Aviation) .Breakdown failure etc. air traffic control & communication for the safe operation.is responsible for maintaining the facilities and services at all the civilian airfields in the country. .lights .  An airfield is categorized as A.  With the help of modern electronic equipment it provides important facilities like Terminal buildings . or C on the basis of their facilities at the time of emergency like power failure .taxi trucks .B.

Roa met Mrs shashi Jain (in charge Air Force Finance)  Air force managed 54 Aircraft and had 2007 non moving maintenance spares costing Rs 777Cr.S.E) govt.  Air Force officials must maintain their airfield in A1 condition . of India identifies 67%.Rao (J. these are advances in latest technology which reduces the chances of break down.Cont .  Some airfields are looked after by the INDIAN AIR FORCE.  Mr. 2012 type of item worth Rs 400-600 Cr had not used last 40 months and treated as Assurance Spares. . this require high quantum of maintenance spares .  Mr. S.

Maintenance spares would require to repair the stand by system .  Each air field had main and stand by system . . results should be spares get with in1-1.5 Hr.  Air marshal suggested to Air Force and NACA should set up pool stores . These stores should store common item especially non moving maintenance spares with in 150-200 Km.  Foreign suppliers set up spare holding depots Which open all the tine for urgent requirement of there customers.Air Marshal Kuldip Singh s analysis revealed that:  929 were common item  Given Weight age while purchasing the capital system  Indigenous Development and manufacture of these equipment  Many NACA & Air force airfields are located fairly close to each other  Easy stores available facility to both at air field. NASA and Air force ratio 4:3.

So they are not dependable on others. . SAP R/3 or any other latest package.e.  Supply chain from stores to airfields should be efficient and fast.  Store Airlifting services should be provided for emergencies.DECISION BY US  Proper implementation of Inventory Management System with the latest ERP package i. agency .  More focused on backward integration .  Maintained the reserves (Set of spare parts depots) In case of emergencies / urgent requirements .  More concern on Cash Management .  Pool Stores should be established under a separate gov.

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