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20 religious representative. . CONFERENCE OF THE LATIN AMERICAN EPISCOPATE • AUGUST 26 to SEPTEMBER 1. 1968 • Under the pontificate of PABLO 6th • 146 bishops. 6 priests diocesan. and 16 lay people. • The conferrence will focus on “a man that lives on a decisive moment of his conscious historical process to know God is necessary.


. Raises a universal church a demanding proposal that is summed up in the idea that the ecclesial identity goes through solidarity with the poor and insignificant because in them we find the path that leads to the Lord.

ISSUES ADDRESSED: • values of JUSTICE. • Members of the church – that they need to intensify their unity and pastoral actions through structures visible adapted to the new conditions of the continent. . EDUCATION and FAMILY • Need for EVANGELIZATION and MATURITY in the faith of the people. PEACE.

intellectual inequality rights of women . . . It is said that this is an injustice that cries out to the heavens. The orientation of social change should promote that the popular classes have receptive and active participation in the construction of society. . DOCUMENTS PRODUCED 1.JUSTICE Aims to denounce the misery and marginalization of large groups.the difficulty for family to educate their children . the pastoral mission of the church must lead to people living their faith with so much responsibility in their personal life and social.the young people who find difficulty in finding improvement.inability to market their products. .living conditions of the peasants.

Love is the weapon of the justice.peace is built and is a result of the mans continues adaptation to new circumstances .Peace is only obtained through an order that allows integral development and step to a more humane conditions. Social peace does not exist where inequalities are found.peace is a fruit of love and expression of a real fraternity among men. DOCUMENTS PRODUCED 2. THREE CONCEPTS OF CHRISTIAN PEACE . . .

bad distribution of food .Illigitimate children .cohabitation . DOCUMENTS PRODUCED 2. FAMILY .family deviation either by divorce or abandonment of homes .

EDUCATION -for the indigeneous people. DOCUMENTS PRODUCED 3. . So that they can be the author of their own progress.

YOUTH -for the indigeneous people. . So that they can be the author of their own progress. DOCUMENTS PRODUCED 4.

DOCUMENTS PRODUCED 5. PASTORAL ELITES (Professionals) these are the sectors where there should certainly be a need for catechetical renewal. .

DOCUMENTS PRODUCED 6. LITURGICAL GESTURES -commitment of charity. . An effort always renewed .celebration of the word.

DOCTRINAL REFLECTION To the Church belongs the duty to educate the Christian conscience. stimulate and help orient all of the initiatives that contribute to the formation of man . to inspire.