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 Dependency on non-renewable energy resources

leads to the energy crisis due to depletion of these
resources. Increase of population and economic
growth contribute to higher demands of energy that
only worsens the situation. Therefore, one of the
most important concerns globally is the need of
energy security.
The aim of the researchers is to fabricate
a wind-powered exhaust hood that will be
an alternative in the usage of electric
exhaust hoods.

 What are the factors that must be  What are the advantages and
considered in order for the Wind- disadvantages in the usage of the
powered Exhaust hood to function Wind-powered Exhaust Hood?

1 The kinetic energy of the wind is 3 The type of vane that will be used is a
converted to rotational mechanical energy vertical vane so that the wind can rotate it
by means of vertical vanes or blades. in any direction it may come from. The hot

2 air inside the shed tends to rise up.

As the wind hit the vanes or blades, the
4 When the mechanical fan rotates, it sucks
energy of the wind is transformed into
the warm air out through the vent and
rotational energy and is transmitted
towards the duct, thereby, bringing out a
towards a mechanical fan by means of a
drop in temperature in the shed and allow
supply of fresh air to get in.

Vertical Fan




Shaft Mechanical Fan Bearing


1. By Using an Electric Fan

to Simulate the Wind

2. By Putting it on the Rooftop of the

College of Engineering and

The researchers conclude that the following factors must be considered: (1) In order
for the Wind-powered Exhaust to perform efficiently, proper lubrication on the
bearings must be maintained to reduce the amount of friction. (2) the amount of
heat, smoke, fumes, and all other mentioned particulates that can be removed is
directly proportional to the revolutions per minute of the Wind-powered Exhaust
Hood. (3) a strong wind is necessary in order for the Wind-powered Exhaust Hood to
perform efficiently.

After the tests that were conducted, the researchers were able to distinguish the
advantages and disadvantages in the usage of the Wind-powered Exhaust Hood.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
 Keeps air clean  Needs strong wind to function
 Does not need non-renewable efficiently
energy to function  Regular inspection must be
 Low cost of operation & maintained to ensure
maintenance proper lubrication
 Installation is cheaper compared
to electric exhaust hoods