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Introduction to Thermal

Injuries and Electrocution

Thermal Injuries Thermal injuries are those which result from the effects of systemic and/or localized exposure to excessive heat and cold . Thermal Injuries Due to Exposure to Cold Due to exposure to Heat Immersion Foot or trench foot BURNS: Due toExposure to Heat Heated solid body Frost bite Produced by flame By kerosene oil. petrol Explosions X-Ray and radium Ultraviolet rays Radiant-Heat Burns Microwave Burns Burns by corrosive substances Electrical Burns SCALDS .

Effects of cold on tissues Direct effects prominent on –fatty tissue. EXPOSURE TO COLD Hypothermia is defined as oral or axillary temperature of less than 35 degree Celcius.myelinated nerve fibre Indirect effects-ischaemic due to vascular damage . Below 30 degree C ability of hypothalamus to regulate temperature lost.

Frost bite Immersion Foot . Frost bite occurs due to exposure to extremities of cold . Exposure to cold Trench foot or immersion foot occurs due to prolonged exposure to severe cold and dampness.develops more rapidly with necrosis and blister formation.

Heat Hyperpyrexia or Heat Stroke Heat Stroke 1. Heat Cramps/miner’s cramps/stroker’s cramps/fireman’s cramps 2. Heat Prostration 3. Exposure to Heat Three clinical conditions result from exposure to high environmental temperature.In old persons usually over 60yrs during heat waves Hyperthermic Anhydrosis or Desert Syndrome-After profuse generalized sweating for several days perspiration stops with hyperkeratotic plugging of sweat gland. .Exertional 2. 1.

which cause destruction of tissues. Burns are produced at- 44 degree C for 5-6 hours 65 degree C for 2 seconds 70 degree C within seconds Clinically classified as – 1. BURNS A burn is an injury which is caused by application of heat or chemical substances to the external or internal surfaces of the body .Superficial 2.Deep .

Degrees of Scalds:- 1.Dermo-epidermal 3.Blister formation due to increased permeability of capillaries 3.Erythema by vasoparalysis 2. Degree of burns:- 1.Necrosis of Dermis .Epidermal 2.Deep Scalds A scald is an injury which results from the application of liquid above 60 degree C or from steam.

Electric shock 3. Burns . Fatal electrocution 2. Electric Injuries consist of: 1. Electrocution Electrocution is death caused by passage of electric current.

The burns may be – 1. It is attracted by the highest points. Lightning Stroke This is a flash of lightning due to an electrical discharge from cloud to the earth. Surface Burns . Arborescent or Filigree Burns (Lichtenberg’s flowers) 3. Linear 2.

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