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Seminar of

Mathematical Modelling
Thermal System

1. Aaina Thakur
2. Shantanu Jain
3. Varun Nambiar
4. Shivansh

showing a common structured behaviour. electric motor. heat exchangers.. valves.etc.g. Thermal system in mathematical modelling: To develop a mathematical model of thermal system. a refrigerator is a combination of pipes. That is : heat in = heat out+heat stored . we use the concept of energy balance.. Thermal System: A thermal system is a multipart assembly of coupled components. compressor. e. insulation.

Modes of heat transfer : 1. heat refers to energy that is transferred from a warmer substance or object to a cooler one. radiation . Conduction 2. Convection 3. Heat : • In thermodynamics.

whereby its kinetic energy is converted to heat by skin friction on the surface of the object at a rate that depends on the viscosity and speed of air. re-entry vehicle Aerodynamic heating was one of the reason for the disaster of space shuttle ‘Columbia’ and the loss of the lives of 7 astronauts including Kalpana Chawla .g. e.Application of thermal system in aerospace : 1. Aerodynamic heating at high speed : It is the heating of a solid body produced by its high speed passage through air.

Atmospheric re-entry of space vehicle: .

.2. 2. Heat exchangers: 3. • cross flow heat exchanger • Counter flow heat exchanger • Parallel flow heat exchanger 1.

Environmental control system (ECS): The ECS of an aircraft provides air supply. and cabin pressurization for the crew and the passengers. and fire suppression are also commonly considered part of aircraft’s ECS. ECS . smoke detection. Avionics cooling. thermal control.

numerical Problem on thermal system .