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Filamer Christian University

Roxas City


Advanced Historical, Philosophical and Legal Foundations of Education

Prof. Exequiel A. Calimutan

Ma. Christine B. Tejada

- Born on March 23, 1889 at
Bacnotan, La Union
- First Filipino Division
Superintendent of Schools
- His parents are Manuel Osias
and Gregoria Olaviano
- He studied in Ilocos Sur and
Vigan but was sent as a scholar
in the United States
- Had his Bachelors Degree and
Graduate Studies at Columbia
- Married Gregoria de Jesus, had
a son named Andres who died
Dr. Camilo O. Osias of smallpox in infancy
Resident Commissioner from the
Commonwealth of the Philippine Islands
- Died in Manila in 1976 at age 87
Dr. Camilo Osias
“School has an important role in the development of
dynamic nationalism and internationalism in relation to
democracy in the education of the youth.”

“High educational institutions should do more to turn out

graduates who can think logically, scientifically and creatively.”

“Our education should instill love for work, spirit of

tolerance, respect for law, love for peace and practice of
• Dr. Osias believed that education should secure for
every person the fullest measure of freedom, efficiency,
and happiness. Efficiency, he demands that one must
be able to cooperate with the other members of the
society to promote common good.

• He also advocated that the educational system must

contribute towards the achievement of the goals of
education by inculcating their minds and hearts of the
youth the value of preserving the patrimony of the
country promoting the general welfare of the people.
Dr. Osias’ suggestions to Philippine schools:
1. Preserve the solidarity of Filipino;
2. Maintain the unity of the Philippines;
3. Work out a proper equilibrium in economic
4. Develop social justice;
5. Observe the merit system in government
6. Promote peace and national defense;
7. Uphold the inalienable rights of life, property,
liberty, and happiness;
8. Keep in their prestige majesty the fundamental
freedom, especially freedom of speech, freedom
of press, freedom of peace and assembly, and
freedom of worship;
9. Conserve the principle of equality;
10. Hold high the ideals of religion;
11. Keep over aloft the torch of education, and
12. Make democracy a living and functional reality.