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Business ethics and etiquette.

Ethical problems of business

Difference Between Ethics and
Ethics refer to a set of moral Etiquette is a customary
principles that relates to the code which indicates the
difference between good and proper and polite way to
bad. behave in society.

The main difference between ethics and

etiquette is that ethics relate to principles or
conscience whereas etiquette is related to
What is “Business Ethics”?
Business ethics is the study of
proper business policies and
practices regarding potentially
controversial issues, such
as corporate governance, insider
trading, bribery,
discrimination, corporate social
responsibility and fiduciary resp
Why managers behave ethically
To avoid some punishment

Most of us
To receive some reward

To be responsive to family, friends,

or superiors
Many of us
To be a good citizen

To do what is right, pursue some

Very few of us ideal, just as justice
Four major factor that can cause ethical
problems in the workplace
• Lack of integrity
• Organizational relationship
• Problems, conflict of interest
• Misleading advertising
Ethical issues in business

• Employee – Employer relations

• Employee – Employee relations
• Company – Customer relations
• Company – Shareholder relations
• Company – Community/Public interest
Most common misconduct observed in
the workplace
• Abusive or intimidating behavior toward employees
• Lying to employees, customers, venders, or the public
• Situations placing employee interests over
organizational interests
• Violations of safety regulations
• Misreporting of actual time worked
• Discrimination on the basis of race, color gender, age,
of similar categories
• Stealing of theft
• Sexual harassment
Advantages & Disadvantages of
Business Ethics

Advantages Disadvantages
Build customer loyalty A danger of building up false
Retain good employees expectations
Positive work environment Reducing a company’s freedom
Avoid legal problems to maximize its profits
What is business etiquette?
Business etiquette is
a set of manners that
is accepted or required
in a profession. Often
upheld by custom, it is
enforced by the
members of an

Timely arrival

Good organization

Remain attentive

Respect unwritten protocol

Greetings depend
on who you’re
1. Ethics refer to a customary code which indicates the proper and polite
way to behave in society. True/False
2. Most of us behave ethically to avoid some punishment. True/False
3. In most of Asian country you have to exchange business cards with both
of your hands. True/False
4. In which country interruptions are allowed?
a) USA
b) Japan
c) Russia
d) Australia
5. In which country you are expected to sing a solo karaoke after dinner?
a) Brazil
b) Spain
c) Singapore
d) South Korea