Six Thinking Hats . . .

By Edward de Bono

CONFUSION is the biggest enemy of
good thinking
We try to do too many things at the same time. We look for INFORMATION We are affected by FEELINGS We seek new IDEAS and OPTIONS We have to be CAUTIOUS We want to find BENFITS

Tossing too many balls at a time
Six Thinking Hats . . . By Edward de Bono

. By Edward de Bono . .Tossing one ball at a time is much easier ‡ I m p ro v e t h e q u a l i t y of decision-making ‡ A l l o w a t h i n ke r t o deal with one thing at a time ‡ Allow switch in thinking ‡ Emphasis on what c a n b e ra t h e r t h a n just on what is not on who is right and who is wrong Do one thing at a time and in the end the full picture emerges Six Thinking Hats .

.The Mechanism Put on your own hat Ask someone to put on the hat Choose to answer with a hat Ask everyone to put on a particular hat Six Thinking Hats . . By Edward de Bono .

By Edward de Bono .Six Thinking Hats . . .

‡ Look at the information available and see what can be learnt from it. and either try to fill them or take account of them. By Edward de Bono . .White Hat: ‡ Focus on the data available. In God we trust . . . ‡ Look for gaps in knowledge. and try to extrapolate from historical data. ‡ Analyze past trends. everyone else must bring data Six Thinking Hats . .

.the non rational aspect of thinking .Red Hat ‡ Exactly the opposite of White Hat which is neutral.Opportunity to express feelings. . emotions and intuition without any need to explain or to justify them. .Hunches bring about the best decision (BLINK) Six Thinking Hats . By Edward de Bono . objective and free of emotions ‡ About emotions and feelings .

cautiously and defensively ‡ See why ideas and approaches might not work ± Highlights the weak points in a plan or course of action.Black Hat ‡ Look at things pessimistically. alter the approach ± Prepare contingency plans to counter problems that arise. ± Allows to eliminate them. . ‡ Makes plans tougher and more resilient ‡ Helps spot fatal flaws and risks Reality Check: What Black Hat is not: Negativity Acts as the Devils Advocate Six Thinking Hats . . By Edward de Bono .

. There is always a bright side Six Thinking Hats . ‡ Yellow Hat thinking helps you to keep going when everything looks gloomy and difficult. . By Edward de Bono .Yellow Hat ‡ Helps you to think positively ‡ It is the optimistic viewpoint ± helps see all the benefits of the decision and the value in it ± spot the opportunities that arise from it.

in which there is little criticism of ideas ‡ A specific time is set out for everyone to make a creative effort ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Think Out of the Box Six Thinking Hats . . By Edward de Bono .Green Hat The creative hat Put forth new ideas. options and alternatives Develop creative solutions to a problem A freewheeling way of thinking. .

. By Edward de Bono . defines the problems. shapes the questions. . determines the thinking tasks ‡ Ensures the rules of the game are observed Focus on the big picture Six Thinking Hats .Blue Hat ‡ Worn by people chairing meetings ‡ Blue hat wearer is like the conductor of an orchestra ‡ Sets the focus.

. By Edward de Bono . .Six Thinking Hats .

By Edward de Bono .Six Thinking Hats Applications ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Facilitation of meetings Leadership development Innovative Thinking Problem solving and decision making Project management Preparation for discussions New products and new designs Marketing Strategic Planning Six Sigma and process improvement Six Thinking Hats . . .

.Advantage of Six Thinking Hats ‡ Encourages Parallel Thinking. By Edward de Bono . where everyone explores all sides of an issue at the same time. ‡ Confrontation is replaced by a cooperative exploration ‡ Encourages ± sharing of information ± reduces argument ± allows talkers to think and thinkers to talk. ‡ Puts everyone in meetings on an equal playing field ± keeps egos in check ± depersonalizes criticism ± creates an open environment encouraging unique contributions ‡ Ensures that all aspects of an issue are considered Six Thinking Hats . .

‡ Plans developed using the '6 Thinking Hats' technique are sounder and more resilient than would otherwise be Six Thinking Hats . ‡ It allows necessary emotion and skepticism to be brought into what would otherwise be purely rational decisions. . . By Edward de Bono . ‡ Helps persistently pessimistic people to be positive and creative.Benefits ‡ A good technique for looking at the effects of a decision from a number of different points of view. ‡ Opens up the opportunity for creativity within Decision Making.

Outcome of Six Thinking Hats ‡ Shorter. . ‡ Higher quality and quantity of ideas. . ‡ Reduced conflict. By Edward de Bono . Six Thinking Hats . ‡ A new approach to problem solving and decision making. ‡ Improved results. more productive meetings.

By Edward de Bono . . .Six Thinking Hats .

more constructive and productive. Six Thinking Hats . but my red hat thinking.Conclusion ‡ A practical way to teach thinking as a skill ‡ The colors and hats provide a useful visual image that is easy to learn and remember. ‡ Can be used with six-year-olds up to senior ‡ Provides a framework for organizing thinking ± No longer a matter of drift and argument ± Thinking is more focused. By Edward de Bono . . . ‡ The game and role-playing nature of the hats allows for the detachment of ego from the thinking This is not me.

It is fun and effective to wear everyday everywhere Thank You Six Thinking Hats . . By Edward de Bono . .

. By Edward de Bono . .Six Thinking Hats .

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