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Regular Grammar

• Some Definitions:-

• Any set represented by regular expression is called

Regular Set.

• The class of Regular sets over ∑ is Regular Language

over the terminal set ∑.

• Grammar for Regular Expression is Regular Grammar.

• Converting Regular Expression to Regular

• Then we construct Grammar as :-

Example 1 :-
• Construct a regular grammar G generating the regular set represented by
P= (a+b)*abb
• Converting Regular Grammar to Regular
Expression and Transition System:-

Then we construct a transition system :-

Example :-
• Example:
Linear grammars
The Linear Grammars are either left or right:
Right Linear Left Linear
Grammars: Grammars:
Rules of the forms Rules of the forms
A→ε A→ε
A → aB
A → Ba
A,B: variables and A,B: variables and
a: terminal A: terminal