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An ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing organization,

Utkarsh builds and innovates across seven major verticals -
Steel Tubes, PVC Pipes, HDPE Pipes, Railway electrification,
Poles, Towers and Crash barriers.

Utkarsh offers an array of pipes and fittings, which are used in

different areas such as Plumbing, Sewage, Agriculture and
Bore-well sectors. To facilitate Power Transmission and
Distribution, we offer Transmission Line Towers, Poles for
Distribution and Rural Electrification, Substation Structures as
well as all forms of structures for Railway OHE and TSS.
PVC Casing Pipes & Ribbed Strainers

Utkarsh manufactures uPVC Pipes & Fittings in various

International and Indian standards. Utkarsh Steel Pipes, Poles
and uPVC pipes are made to conform IS Standards, IS Operating
Licences and enlistment with EIL, NTPC, UNICEF, PWD, CPWD,
Power Grid Corporation, Indian Railways, PHED, UNICEF, MCC
Casing Medium (CM) – 35mm (1 1/4”) to 300mm (12”)
Casing Shallow (CS) – 150mm (6”) to 300mm (12”)
Casing Deep -100 mm(4″) to 300 mm (12″)

Ribbed Strainers:
Ribbed Medium Screen (RMS) – 40mm (1 ½”) to 200mm 8”

Tube well Depth

Casing pipes are classified into those suitable for shallow , medium and deep depth wells
as under :
•Casing Shallow (CS) Pipe : Shallow well casing pipes suitable for wells with depths upto 80
meters (262 Ft)
•Casing Medium (CM) Pipe: Medium well casing pipes suitable for wells with depths upto
250 meters (820 Ft)
•Casing Deep (CD) Pipe : Deep well casing pipe suitable for wells with depths above 250 m
and upto 450 meters (1476 Ft)
PVC well Casing and Screen Pipes

As per IS 12818-2010/ASTM D-1785/DIN 4925

Appropriate medium for getting clean water from deep and shallow bore well
Threaded terminals, thus easy to join and economical.
Rust free, Chemical resistant and long lasting.
Non toxic parts ensure unaltered taste of water.
Strong, thus are chances of bore well sinking in the ground.
Weights five times less than steel pipe. Hence, easy to transport at lesser cost.
Easy to cut and install.
Available in 40mm to 200mm (1 ½ inch to 10 inch) in CM/CS and also in Sch
RMS Pipes available in slot size 0.2 mm,0.3 mm,0.5 mm,0.75 mm,1 mm
• Easy to handle and quick to install, thanks to its light weight.
• The smooth internal walls improve the water flow and reduce the friction loss.
• Each pipe is male threaded on one side and female threaded on the other side,
which allows easy assembly with perfect fit.
• Longer service life and minimized well rehabilitation cost, as PVC pipes are more
resistant than conventional steel pipes to corrosion, clogging and encrustation. PVC
Casing and screen systems can have about triple the life of high quality steel
• High Chemical Resistance, which makes PVC Resistance to all chemicals normally
found in wells, including chlorine disinfectants and corrosive acids often used for
well rehabilitation and maintenance.
• Because PVC is a non-conductor electricity, the chances of lightning damage are
• PVC casing systems are more economic when compared with steel casing systems.
• PVC casing systems are more durable and easier to handle, thus providing longer
life spans with less downtime and hence lower operating costs.
• PVC casing systems have much lower service requirements due to considerably
lower levels of carbonate accumulation.
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