Style One

For everyone Entire family store
Submitted by K.N.JAKANATHAN


Style One - A large format Store for fashion garments A Speciality store ± Focus on a specific consumer needs, carry most of the Brands available. It¶s the Best store for every one in the Family.  


Scintillating outlet "Style One" is at 19, 1st Main Road Gandhi nagar, Adyar, Ch ± 20 Retailers feel the 3 keys to success are ³Location, Location, and location´ Store is at the heart of the most happening place in Chennai.  

Location Evaluation 

Customers General Area Catchment area analysis Specific Area 

Local Demographics   

Population and/or household base Residents from Adyar, Besant nagar ,and Guindy including college students ± nearly of 2 lakh people can approach Style One. Lifestyles of consumers High elite group of people wants to avail the modern trend of life as such they like only Branded items. Income potential Most of the residents belong to High Income Group. (HIG) IT People & Students: Most of the Resident are IT people and there are Students from IIT and Anna University, Frankfinn Institute. 

Local Geographic Facility   


Sardhar patel Road : It connects Besant beach, IT corridor, Guindy Institutes MRTS : Mass Rail Transport System stopping (Kasthuribai nagar), main juncture for IT people Bus stop : Adyar Bus stop, is very near the store Banks : Canara bank, Punjab National Bank ATMs are available near the store Service Channel : separate service channel for shoppers

Traffic Flow and Accessibility 

Number and type of vehicles passing location Mostly Cars ,Bikes and buses. 35,000 vehicles/hr Access of vehicles to location There is a separate channel ± service road for cars and bikes (One way), 100 cars/hr &100 bikes/hr Quality of access street : Best and there is no physical barriers Level of congestion : Service road is mainly meant for shopping people only. Parking facility also available.   

Retail Competition   

Number and types of stores in area 1- Restaurant (Sangeetha veg.), 1- Bajaj showroom, 1- sweet stall (Krishna sweets), 2apparel store (cool club opp. & pantaloon nearby) ,1- Reebok showroom, odyssey Competitiveness of other merchants cool club & pantaloon are direct competitors, Reebok, odyssey± indirect competitors Possibility of joint promotions Sangeetha hotel

Site Characteristic   

Number of parking spaces & Distance Valet Parking - 12 + 8 cars , 50 to 80 Bikes. Underground parking for cars and lateral side parking for Bikes and cars Visibility of site from street : Clearly visible and there is no constraint and hindrance for sign usage Size and shape of lot : Highly spacious, comfortable for customer to go around the shop


Condition of existing building Since building build in June 2008 only, so condition is strong. Ease of entrance and exit for traffic Service channel available, that connects the main road Own Building : so there is no problem of lease/rent. Membership in local merchants Association : No such practice


The shop is just on the main road with a multi color panel board and a huge tree logo. If you are passing by Sardar Vallabhai Patel road you would never miss this multistory building. Transparent Glassed front makes the inner side view of the store from outside The proper lighting creates bright and cheerful mood and atmosphere to support store image Automatic opening entrance door, will remain in our mind even after leaving the store.   


A store with whopping 40000 sq.ft area comprising four floors The store is housing very specific attire in Casual/Formal wear for Men, Western/Ethnic Wear for Women and also for the new born and kids -1 0 1 2 3 Parking Men¶s Formal, Accessories, Billing section Men¶s Casual, Ethnic wears Ladies Kids (Dresses , Toys)    

When entering to the store, we can see variety of branded watches, body sprays and sun glasses The store is housing with very specific attire in Casual/Formal wear for Men, Western/Ethnic Wear for Women and also for the new born and kids at strategically located floors for exclusive and easy shopping. Top and Best National and International Brands are presented

Floor wise layout 

The ground floor caters to formals for men. They have most of the best brands in separate showcase ± Allen Solly, Wills Lifestyle, Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Park Avenue, Peter England, Arrow, Zodiac and many more. From shirts to pants to ties, its a one stop shop for all your formal needs The first floor caters to casuals and ethnic wear for men. It is whimsically arranged. They have the best Sherwani¶s and wedding suits and a whole lot collection of T shirts.   

The second floor is for ladies. From Corporate wears to casual wears, they have the best collections. They do have a separate section for designer sarees and lehengas They have a small section for accessories and hand bags
The third floor is for Kids. They have classy party wears for both boys and girls. Toys and accessories from 0 to 5 yr child 


Ground Floor 

First Floor

2 wheeler Under ground car parking 

Second Floor

Third Floor

Window Display    

Left and Right side of the entrance have Flexible Mannequins to display the new arrival with illuminations. Right side window has transparent backside to view the store. Left side window has the removable background screen which can display the various seasonal designs. Now it showing Independence day & Spring¶10 trend


Interior signage - Promotional sign ± Inside the lift and in side wall of the stairs - Directional sign - Guides people in the store - Information Sign ± About discount they place small information board above the sleek lined products and near the Lift about the types of products in each floor Exterior signage - Information about any discounts - Information about the Trend ± Spring¶10 


Display of Name board with changing of colour attracts customer into the store Perimeter lighting draws customer near the rake from the aisles. Imperative light arrangement inside the Trial room, makes intention to buy the Trial cloth. Rack light gives full illumination of the cloth rack.

Right Atmosphere to drive the sale 


The right atmosphere will sell anything, even if the items are expensive or common Apparel merchandising needs more spacey aisles and clear Traffic pattern to move around, here it is perfectly arranged. Ambient luminance level makes the good atmosphere. Colours (Creamy white) and Texture gives a better atmosphere. Method of display- racks, shelves Proper sign boards.

Team¶s view  


The Store is a star performer with its own credentials and already positioned to be the Best in its locale. Easy accessibility for the store. More location Advantages Cool and Cozy atmosphere. Parking shows comfort shopping. There is no legal restrictions, like environmental, zoning, signs usage, licensing problems


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