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The 7

deadly sins

greed.The 7 deadly sins exist in our world since before its creation. which are: Lust. when a monk called Evagrius Pontic fleeing of Constantinople Egypt. so it gave to know. gluttony. from there began the sin in our world. when Lucifer the angel more beautiful created by God Almighty had envy and greed to have the same or more power than its creator. envy.C. that today is the one that is used to render in place where are the sinners who do not follow God's laws.C. Although them 7 sins capital not appear specifically in the Bible were committed by our ancestors. 2 F-3 . held a list of them eight temptations essential that committed it humanity. the papa Gregorio Magno it reduced to 7 sins capital that exist until today . but in the year 590 d. sloth.And Dante Alighieri who in 1320 gave the first description of hell. so that they expel from the celestial Kingdom carrying with them all their followers. anger and vanity. not his vast what happened and wanting to destroy God's creation is transformed into a snake tempting to Eva the only women that existed in the Eden to eat of the fruit forbidden. not was until the year 375 d.

for not committing this sin. even appears in the 10 commandments as not committing adultery. Lust Demon Of Lust is a sin that has been committed since Asmodeus the beginning of mankind. 3 F-3 . placed their hands in their lamps of fire to feel the pain and away is of the temptation. When to them monks is les appeared to a woman.

with this Sin can result in homicides. Demon Of Envy Leviathan Envy is one that individuals want to own something that is different and look the wrong way. 50 d. she hated to the gods of the Olympus and poisoning all it good that you surrounded. existed a goddess called envy. 4 F-3 .C.

toads. and in purgatory. they ate rats. by this hobby is can commit Beelzebub murder. The gluttony Demon Of The gluttony is based in pay attention in the food. the name of the demon is this Sin tempts Beelzebub. 5 F-3 . lizards and snakes live to be forgiven. taking as vigilante to the canine Serverus a dog of 3 heads located in the part more high and you barking to those sinners who howling as dogs caged. Dante it located in the third circle of the hell and explained that them gluttons were hostages in a toilet or well rotten where is wallowing low rain and a stinking snow ice.

damage and despair leading to the individual to depression. apathy. 6 F-3 . Laziness Laziness is divided in 2 ways: heartburn is the spiritual apathy that consumed human beings and leads to depletion Demon Of and the tristitia is that Belphegor sadness.

Greed Greed is that sin which puts price to all. 7 F-3 . Dante said that the punishment to the Demon Of greedy is to be placed in boiling oil. Aristotle wrote that society greed is insatiable. the demon that tempts to sin Mammon is Mammon.

8 F-3 . when God sent the flood. when it destroys the towers of babel and when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. its greatest damage is blind to the individual. Demon Of Anger Amon Anger is sin that kills. appears in the Bible in three parts.

conceit. a perception exaggerated from the superb. 9 F-3 . The vanity Demon Of The vanity is defined as a form of Lucifer arrogance.

In a society postmodern where it ethics and the moral is have dismembered little by little. as claimed Dante Alighieri the hell is the future of our acts. the message is it takes of conscience on them acts and their consequences in the life of each individual. 10 F-3 .

but there is that follow a model of life that not damaged or damage to anyone in the way. Regardless of the position scientific or religious of each one. 11 F-3 . all in excess is harmful and tell that not is commit is an error because even with the thought befuddled. the made of that there is this list of sins is a guide of what not can do and so have a life in peace and harmony.

12 F-3 .