District 9 - Teaser Trailer Analysis

The non-diegetic sound of deep base starts the teaser on a serious note. On the screen we are met by an ominous looking sunset with highly contrasting and deep colours« blood red, pitch black, and hot yellow, suggestive of a new era of a bleak and frightening concept .

Short informative quotes help set a serious tone and feed the audience information, the lady sounds as if she appealing for some sort of change as many do throughout this trailer. ³That¶s when things started to get out of hand´ ³I don¶t know where they go but they must just go!´ Throughout this trailer we are shown people who we assume to be locals, talking in distress, as if they need change and are unhappy with the current lifestyle that the audience is unsure of at this point..this causes a high sense of suspense as we are unsure of the reasons for this lifestyle

After the use of dialogue from the distressed locals we are shown a birds eye view of a claustrophobic slum, clearly making the audience associate this poor style of living with the locals.

After this birds eye view we are shown an over the shoulder shot of an industrial soldier most probably representing the government looking over this slum, perhaps trying to display to the inhabitants their dominance over the area


The teaser then cuts to a black title screen ³THEY ARE NOT´ in white sansserif font


As soon as it had appeared it is joined by a fourth word ³WELCOME´ at which point the previous part of the titles fades into a bloody red before the whole titles fades to black

³they¶re spending so much money just to keep them here when they could be spending it on other things, at least they¶re keeping them separate from us´ we see one woman saying as it fades to a shot of a dusty and desolate place with guards on the ground guarding an area sectioned off by barbed wire and fencing.

This immediately raises questions about what it is that¶s being contained. The high involvement of the military shown suggests a great amount of danger about what is being contained.

The same title shot process is repeated again, only this time the word µWELCOME¶ has been replaced by µACCEPTED¶

Creating further tension as the viewer is being kept in the dark as to what is being resented by the many people talking in the trailer

Next we are shown a person answering into the microphone of a reporter of some sort saying that ³A lot of bad things are starting to happen´« this continues the suggestion whatever ever it is that throughout the teaser is being referred to as ³they´ are becoming a big problem As soon as we fade from the previous shot and statement we are put into a position of worry as the diegetic sound of sirens and sight burning buildings billowing black smoke create a feel for chaos. This is then followed by more of the same« riots and army vehicles driving along roads engulfed by smoke.

³we¶re at the breaking point«



All of a sudden things become very active as army men are seen jumping out of a helicopter and rushing about into formations looking almost as if they were preparing to engage an enemy.

«people are living in fear´. As soon as this is said the non-diegetic sound of synth instruments builds up rapidly increasing to a higher volume and pitch before be drowned by the sudden nondiegetic bass which arrives with the fourth word«

In the last of the µTHEY ARE NOT¶ titles we are exposed to what was being kept from us since the teaser started. The word that is added this time is µHUMAN¶, this is very chilling in effect

Immediately after seeing the dangerous sinister looking red text on black screen we are shown in an extreme long shot what appears to be a mother-ship, this makes the helicopters makes the human race seem dwarfed by the invaders. This shot is also made effective as it is brought in directly after the title which revealed what was so unnerving for everyone in conjunction with the omnipotent and strongly overpowering sound.

We are shown an over the shoulder shot from inside the helicopter as it circles the alien like ship hover above the slum

Producers and directors on are segregated from the other clips and texts of this trailer , they are also in a larger font clearly making this information more apparent to the audience, possibly because peter Jackson is well known for directing the LOTR trilogy

Mystery and suspense is conveyed by concealing the identity of this creature as this will make the audience highly anticipate the true identity of this creature, a subtle but effective technique to attract viewers to this film.

The title here tells the date of the year when the film will be released as this is only the teaser trailer it works well as there is not a specific date for

General analysis/ summary

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

The teasers length is 1:44 minutes long. It gradually speeds up in pace, tone, and content. 35 shots Directors: Neill Blomkamp Producer: Peter Jackson both shown separate from contents of the trailer and in a larger font. ‡ Concealing of identity to encourage emotion from the audience.

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