Visual Merchandising

Tools and Materials
The tools of a visual merchandiser are usually kept in the store.
Tools can be broken down into three categories.
‡ Tools that cut.

‡ Tools that join. ‡ Tools that attach.

Tools That Cut

Scissors:- different types of scissors cut fabric, paper and metal. They should be bought according to the original use only or else they will dull quickly.

Wire cutters are often combined with pliers. They are use to cut, open and close metal or wires as needed


It is a classic saw that can cut tiny circles. It is ideal for intricate patterns but bad for bold designs.Cutawl and blades :. .

Hack saw & Regular wood saw .


. This is a hand held saw and has a variety of blades available to cut through different materials.Sabre saw is used for simple curved line cuts.


The safest kind of knife has a retraceable blade.Mat knives are best for straight cuts. .

rounded edges. . but is very fragile.Exacto knives is good for cutting intricate. Extra blades should be kept handy.

Electric hand sander is used to smoothen and to sand a piece of wood. .

Drill press .


(Masking tape. (Hot glue. double sided tape). ‡ Allen Wrench.Tools That Join ‡ Tapes. ‡ Glues. fabric glue. cellophane tape. . white glue. Epoxy glue. Rubber cement) ‡ Pliers.

is a type of adhesive tape made of easy-to-tear paper backed with a relatively weak adhesive. Usage: Used for holding. It is used mainly in painting. strong holding power. Crepe paper coated (Masking Tape) with rubber based adhesive with high technology that it won't leave any residue on the surface. as it allows the tape to be removed without stripping off newly-applied paint.Tapes Masking Tapes . good conform ability. The adhesive is the key element to its usefulness. to mask off areas that shouldn't be painted. . bundling and sealing. smooth trimmed edges and no residue on surface. easy removal. Feature: Natural coated. Widely use for color separation and painting made by hand or by spray.

coated with solvent based or hot melt adhesive. There are two kind of backing available 1) Straight Line Fiberglass (mono) 2) Mesh Fiberglass (cross) Usage 1) 2) 3) 4) Heavy Duty Packing Metallic or Wooden Furniture Household Electrical Appliance Fixing Of Machine Parts .Filament (fiberglass) Tape: Fiberglass reinforce backing made up of polyester film with glass yarn.

evenly-spread seal. Glue Sticks Hot Melt Glue gives a strong. plastics which become liquid when heated and re-solidify when cooled. Thermoplastic polymers. and then cool to form a solid bond between the materials being glued. .Glues Hot Glue Gun. or blocks (wax) are heated to a molten state for application. pellets. are used as a basis for hot melt glue for their strength and high viscosity. Hot melt adhesives differ from most other types of glues and adhesives in that the hot melt glue sticks.

The chemicals in the hardener allow the resin to harden. They are composed of a resin and a vehicle or hardener.EPOXY Epoxies are glues that have to be mixed together in order to harden. . Epoxy hardens quickly on the surface and takes varying amount of time to harden completely.

It is highly flammable and should be stored with paints. It has a tendency to thicken with exposure of air. . so it comes in a set of glue.Rubber cement It is used successfully as a paper glue. thinners and solvents.

Allen Wrench Allen wrench is an L shaped black metal rod that has a hexagonal end that fits into special bolts .


Pliers Regular and needed nose pliers are used to open and close metal chains. links etc. .

Screwdrivers. Pins. . Staplers.Tools That Attach ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Nuts and bolts. Ceiling clips. Spool material. Screws. Nails.

.NUTS & BOLTS they can be easily removed so that they become very useful for sandwiching merchandise between sheets of clear plastic or acrylic.

Nails & Screws .


Pins & Ceiling Clips .


square Measure tape/ metal/ cloth Chalk line marker . T. metal edges.Necessary tools ‡ Hammer ‡ Screwdrivers (flat head and Phillips head) ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Set of wrenches Ruler.

walls. density and stability. using wooden chips. No glue or other material is added. tensile strength. blasting them into long fibers with steam and then forming them into boards.Materials Masonite was invented in 1924 in Mississippi. which makes it an environmentally friendly product . Masonite was used for many applications such as doors. roofing. etc. Unlike other composite wood panels products. It is formed using the Mason method. The boards are then pressed and heated to form the finished boards. desktops. Masonite is made using natural ingredients only. The long fibers give Masonite a high bending strength.

Thick compressed cardboard makes up homasote. weatherproof. It is lightweight. easily cut by a saw.Homasote Homasote Company is the first manufacturer in the United States to recycle paper. .

all-around graphic and display board. A little more care must be taken to avoid these dimples. This foam board consists of resilient extruded polystyrene core sandwiched between two layers of bleached. Foam board retains its full edge and is more resistant to dents and dimpling caused by applied pressure. You can cause denting and dimpling when applying pressure during the cutting process. mounting.3/16 .1/2 Sheet Sizes 48x96 Colour: white . Foam board pinches slightly when cutting so it does not retain a full edge. semi-gloss white clay coated paper. framing and prototypes.Black . Available sizes 1/8 . die cutting.Fomecore Standard fome board is a versatile. Ideal for screen printing.

which are typically white and are made of expanded polystyrene beads .Gatorboard Styrofoam is a trademark of Dow Chemical Company for extruded polystyrene foam presently made for thermal insulation and craft applications Such as disposable coffee cups. coolers or packaging material.

Working can be done by drill.Plexiglass This is a plastic derivative and can be ranged from transparent to opaque. It is fragile and cracks easily. .

.Aesthetic Formal aesthetics Symbolic aesthetics There is a difference between the physical and psychological aspects of design.

hooks or wood beams. ‡ Most of display and visual merchandising has a short life expectancy. An object to be hung from the ceiling can be attached using ceiling clips.Security & loss Prevention ‡ It is vital that the visual merchandiser not only ensure safety in display. . ‡ Anything that hands from the ceiling must be at least 7¶ above the ground. bolts. because it will be taken down quite soon after having been put up. but is also compliant with the basic fire and insurance regulations.


‡ Things that hang on walls include paintings and props. and clear paths with exits clearly marked in the display shop. replacement of plugs and wires when they are warm. letters and signs.‡Things that stand include ladders. ‡The display workshop must follow certain rules such as: no smoking. and the display should be planned in order to minimize the chances of theft taking place. ‡ It is the direct responsibility of visual merchandiser to clean the area in which they are working. mannequins. fixtures. covering all electrical appliances. ‡ It should be assumed that anything put on display will be open to theft. electrical equipments and sharp objects. . unplugging of electrical tools. ‡It is the responsibility of the visual merchandiser to consider security when planning displays.

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