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Professional Development

Miguel Nava
University of Arizona College of Nursing
Direct Patient Care Abilities

• Strengths • Short Term Goals

• Value the patient’s rights • Improve communication
• Empathy and sympathy with interdisciplinary
• Encourage patients staff
• Utilize more evidence
• Weaknesses base research into care
• Time management • Long Term Goals
• Verbose • Improve cluster care
• Feel confident when
making critical decisions
Leadership Abilities

• Strengths • Short Term Goals

• Composure • Become Team
• Professional positive Leader/Charge RN
energy • Participate in unit meeting
• Ambition • Long Term Goals
• Weaknesses • Become Nurse Manager
• Become recognized as a
• Relaying message clearly well regarded leader
• Motivator
Professional Nursing Development

• Short Term Goals • Long Term Goals

• Complete Officer • Become a member of the
Candidate School (OCS) Navy Nurse Corps
• Certify as Critical Care RN Association (NNCA)
(CCRN) • Advance in leadership
• Complete Advanced opportunities and position
Cardiovascular Life Support that will become available
• Complete Cardiac Medicine
Certification (CMC)
Book Selection

• Strengths
• Draws wisdom from Toltec culture
• Modest number of agreements to
• Benefits
• Self empowerment
• Teaches you to be a better version
of yourself and nurse
Leadership Shadowing Experience
ICU Nursing Manager

• Advantages • Disadvantages
• Understand the role of • Lack of prior
an ICU Nurse Manager background on unit
• Witness the manager issues
act as the liaison for • Time focused on
the unit sending urgent emails
• It was strictly a
shadowing experience
Professional Activity Experience
Project Taking Charge 3.0

• Advantages • Disadvantages
• Participation in • Different type of
community nursing than
• Enhance my accustomed to
communication skills • Population was
• Utilization of primarily Spanish-
knowledge from speaking
Continuing Education Endeavors

• Strengths • Short Term Goals

• Ambitious to learn • Receive promotion to
• My perspective of Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2)
education • Receive certification for Navy
educational programs
• Long Term Goals
• Weaknesses • Become enrolled in a Nurse
• Burnout Practitioner program
• Over involvement in other • Make a career as a Naval
commitments officer
• After retirement, open a
Goals Timeline

2023 Apply for
August 2023 DNP Program
June 2020 Get contract
Charge RN expires
May 2020 Get Orientation
June 2019
Complete all
October 2018 Naval Nurse
Start first certifications
August 2018 assignment in
Start OCS VA
June 2018
May 2018
from UA CON

• Ruiz, Miguel. (1997). The four agreements. New York, NY: Amber-
Allen Publishing.