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Sonia Sharmin
ID: 2012010000269
Batch: 30th
Major in HRM
An Analysis of Performance
Appraisal System of Janata
Bank Limited
Chapter One:

 Topic selection
 Identify and collect data

Sources of data

Primary Source Secondary Sources
 Analyze and interpret data

Out of 25 people
 44% are strongly agreed
 16% are agreed
 12% are neutral
 28% are disagreed
that Promotion is purely based on performance appraisal.

 Time limitation
 Insufficient data
 Assigned task was not related with topic
Chapter Two
Organizational Overview
 Introduction
 Functions
 Goal, Mission, Vision, & Objectives
 Corporate Governance
 Products & Service in JBL
 One of the state owned commercial banks in Bangladesh

 Started operation from Immediately after the emergence of Bangladesh in

 Janata Bank runs its business with 908 branches across the country
including 4 overseas branches in United Arab Emirates.

 Board of Director consists of 13 Directors
• Actively participate in the socio- economic development of the nation
• Providing credit to viable borrowers
Goal • Providing a satisfactory return on equity to the owners

• To become the effective largest commercial bank in Bangladesh
• To support socio economic development of the country
Vision • To be a leading bank in South Asia

• Maintaining a stable growth strategy
• Delivering high quality financial products
• Providing excellent customer service
• Ensuring good corporate governance in every step of banking network.

• To carry on, transact, undertake and conduct the business of banking in all branches.
• Full implementation and utilization of the Bank’s excellence program which aims to
provide services to customers.
Objective • To carry on business as financiers, promoters, capitalists, financial and monitory
agents, concessionaires and brokers
 Corporate Governance
 Audit Committee, Executive Committee and Risk Management Committee are working
alongside, internal control and compliance system of the Bank has been strengthened.
 ‘Complaint Box’ and ‘Help Box’ are being operated from the Head Office to all branches

 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
 JBL distributed BDT 71.28 crore in various sectors as donation till 2015
 Education and research
 health and medical treatment
 poverty alleviation
Products & Service in

Loans & Advances:
Deposits: Term
Current Financial Services : Services:
Small and Medium
Savings Enterprise Inland Remittance Utility
Term Continuous Foreign Remittance ATM
Monthly Rural & Agro Credit Other Financial Services Welfare
Special Notice Poverty Alleviation
Program To the Government
Specialized Other
Micro & Cottage Foreign Remittance
Import & Export Finance
Letter of Credit
Letter of Guarantee
Other Credit Program
Chapter Three
An Analysis of Performance Appraisal
System of Janata Bank Limited
 Performance Appraisal
 Performance Appraisal in JBL
Performance Appraisal
 Measure how well employees perform.
 Ensure that performance meets present standards.
 Performance improves over time.
 Improving the ability of the employee;
 Identifying obstacles which are restricting performance
 Agreeing a plan of action, that will lead to improved performance.
Rating Scale

Total Ranking on 100 Points:
 Job Requirement=35 Point, divided in 6 categories.
 Branch Management= 45 Point, divided in 20 categories.
 Selection / Promotion Board= 20 Point
Annual Confidential Report (ACR)
In Janata Bank every year Annual Confidential Report (ACR) is made. In
Promotion employee’s previous ACR is checked and select them for the
promotion list.
For Example: If one person is working for 5 years then his ACR is added for 5
years. The Calculation are as follows:

Year Out of 100
1 Year 80
2 Year 90
3 Year 70
4 Year 70
5 Year 80
Total 390

So, 5 Year ACR = (390 ÷ 5) = 78
Chapter Four
Analysis & Findings
 Analysis
 Findings
Analysis :

 Around 60% employees are agreed that the performance of the organization is
assessed by self, superior or consultant
 Around 64% employees are strongly agreed that the performance appraisal helps to
win co-operation and team work
 Around 88% employees are agreed that the performance rating is helpful for the
management to provide employee counseling.
 Around 80% employees are agreed that Performance appraisal increases employee
 Around 80% employees are agreed that the performance system keeps on the major
achievement and failure or success of work.
 Self-appraisal is a tool to analyze oneself
 The employees should be given a chance to
rate their own performance
 Employees sometimes face manipulation
 Benefits provided by the organization are
not satisfactory for some employees.
 Lack of knowledge about Performance
Appraisal System for lower level employees.
 It’s difficult to understand Performance
Appraisal System for some of the
Chapter Five:
Recommendation and Conclusion
 Recommendation
 Conclusion
 Management should have performance appraisal recognition program
reducing grievance & improve personal skill.
 Management should have arranged performance appraisal program
periodically for individual and organization development.
 Management should have sufficient power to fix salary through the
performance rating.
 Need performance rating policy to fix the increment.
 Need a separate committee to review the performance appraisal result.
 An appraisal system should be free from nepotism and from the aggressiveness
of the higher management to minimize the cost.
 The Performance Appraisal System has been professionally
designed and it is monitored by HRD in Janata Bank.
 A formal Performance review is important as it gives an
opportunity to get an overall view of job performance and
staff development.
 Good performance reviews therefore don’t just summarize
the past they help determine future performance.