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DS Agile System

DS Agile Training Level 1

Global System Engineering


Imagination at work. L1-14-Synthesis - Rev J

Proprietary. by chapters) DS Agile Architectures Distributed (cf. Ethernet Architectures) Computer in Stand alone mode RTU Ethernet Architectures Star/Tree (H34x. SWD20x) L1-14-Synthesis .Rev J © 2015 General Electric Company. SWU20x) Redundant ring (H35x. All Rights Reserved. SWR20x) Dual Homing (H36x. .Synthesis (1) DS Agile Applications Transmission Distribution Oil & Gas Industry Railway DS Agile Documentation Product Specifications (0->13 : ALSTOM use) Operation / Technical Guides (by device.

Synthesis (2) DS Agile Devices DS Agile OI => Display. All Rights Reserved. DS Agile Device Management Disturbance Uploading MiCOM C264 => Bay Computer Unit (I/O management) DIU.CCU. configurable) IED Communication (up to 4) SCADA Communication (up to 2) Synchronization by GPS MiCOM Switch => Ethernet architectures DS Agile GTW => SCADA Communication IEC61850 / IEC61850 SBUS Agency => IEC 61850 (Reports.DOU. SCP DS Agile SMT => DB Management. Printing. generation Templates IEC61850 SCL (files import/export) DS Agile ES => Equipment Simulator L1-14-Synthesis .TMU. Archive. …) Automation (Built-in.Rev J © 2015 General Electric Company. LEDs. . Proprietary. GOOSE) DS Agile SCE => Database edition.… Front face (LCD.AIU.

.Rev J © 2015 General Electric (3) JIRA link https://gpa-atlas-jira-proda. All Rights L1-14-Synthesis . Proprietary.

Rev J .Imagination at work. L1-14-Synthesis .