Christina Etchart
The University of Arizona College of Nursing
Direct Patient Care Abilities
◦ Strengths: ◦ Opportunities for Improvement:
◦ Organization ◦ Confidence
◦ Time-management ◦ Physician communication
◦ Caring
◦ Short-Term Goals (present-2 ◦ Long-Term Goals (3-5 years):
years): ◦ Gain confidence
◦ Improve communication with ◦ Certification in maternal/newborn
physicians nursing
◦ Increase specialty-specific
knowledge and skills
Unit Leadership Abilities
◦ Strengths: ◦ Opportunities for Improvement:
◦ Work well with others ◦ Delegation
◦ Hard-worker ◦ Introverted
◦ Open to new ideas/change ◦ Inability to say no
◦ Short-Term Goals (present-2 ◦ Long-Term Goals (3-5 years):
years): ◦ Improve delegation skills
◦ Learn when to say no ◦ Precept nursing students
◦ Join Unit Council
Professional Development
◦ Short-Term Goals (present-2 years) ◦ Long-Term Goals (3-5 years)
◦ Neonatal Resuscitation Program ◦ NCC Certification in Maternal
(NRP) Certification Newborn Nursing (RNC-
◦ Join the Association of Women’s MNN)
Health, Obstetric and Neonatal ◦ Become more active in the
Nurses (AWHONN) AWHONN Arizona Chapter
◦ Subscribe to the Journal of Obstetric,
Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing
Leadership Book
◦ Reinforced my Strengths:
◦ Organization
◦ Working well with others
◦ Tips on my Opportunities for Improvement:
◦ Learn when to say no
◦ Communicating with physicians
◦ Delegation
◦ Confidence
◦ Benefits for Professional Growth:
◦ Tips for successful transition as a new nurse
◦ Importance of self-care
◦ Always keep learning
Leadership Shadowing Experience
◦ Leadership Choice: ◦ Knowledge Gained:
◦ Nurse Manager – TMC ◦ Multiple job duties of a nurse
Mother/Baby unit manager
◦ Interest in the role of a nurse ◦ Requires effective organization
manager and time-management
◦ How interviews are conducted
Professional Activity Experience
◦ Professional Activity Choice: ◦ Knowledge Gained:
◦ Tucson Postpartum Depression ◦ Medication/substance use
Coalition Winter Meeting during pregnancy and lactation
◦ Lecture: “Exposure to ◦ Mother’s personal experiences
Medication and Other Substances
◦ Postpartum Depression
During Pregnancy and Lactation”
resources in Tucson
◦ Interest in maternal health
Professional Activity Experience (cont.)
◦ Professional Activity Choice: ◦ Knowledge Gained:
◦ Mass Casualty Training ◦ Actions during a mass shooting
◦ ICSAVE Stop the Bleed ◦ Disaster preparedness
◦ Interest in learning basic ◦ First aid kit
skills/knowledge for emergency
◦ Proper use of a tourniquet
◦ Packing a wound
Continuing Education Plan
◦ Personal Aspirations: ◦ Short-Term Goals (Present-2
◦ Become a lactation consultant years):
(IBCLC) ◦ Take CECs to increase my knowledge
◦ Be the best nurse I can be who of the specialty (esp. lactation)
utilizes evidence-based practice ◦ Subscribe to journals (JOGNN)
◦ Potential Opportunities: ◦ Long-Term Goals (3-5 years):
◦ On the job training ◦ Complete prerequisite courses for
◦ Work for organization that IBCLC
supports professional growth ◦ Receive training from unit lactation
May 2018:
June 2018: July 2018: July 2019:
Graduate January 2019:
Take start New complete New
from BSN Complete NRP
NCLEX Grad Program Grad Program

January 2020: July 2020: July 2021: January 2022: January 2023:
join join unit RNC-MNN begin precepting begin IBCLC
AWHONN council certification nursing students process
◦ Quan, K. (2009). 150 tips and tricks for new nurses. Avon, MA: Adams