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The Young Child,
Birth-Age 8
My PRE –K Case Study
Giselle Alvarez
My Child Case Study History

Child’s Background:
• Name: Giselle Alvarez
• Date of birth: December 29, 2012
• Age: 5 years-old
• Gender: Female
• Address: 5020 W. Arivaca Rd, Amado, Az.
• Name of Parents: Mr. Manuel Alvarez and Mrs.
Irma Granillo
Child Physical Development:
 At five years-old, Giselle continues to grow-out her chubby-cheeked toddler and
preschool years and she begin to gain muscles.
 She begins to lose her baby teeth which Pediatric recommend letting fall out
naturally on their own.
 Giselle right now can brush her teeth with mom’s supervision. Giselle also can
wash herself, and eve wipe her own bottom after using the toilet.
 Giselle ability to jump, hop, skip and run it really starts to develop at this age
 Giselle’s play time at the yard become a whole ballgame, she would try
scooters, bicycles (training wheels), jump ropes and other play equipment.
 Giselle, can understand some rules now …She is playing soccer on a team!
 Giselle muscles become more fine-tuned, she is now able to dress herself, handle
bottoms, zippers and learn how to tie her shoes.
 Meal time will be a different experience since now she handling forks and
Child’s Language and Cognitive
 Giselle can carry very well a conversation. She speaks clearly using more
complex sentences and she’s bilingual.
 Giselle can count twenty or more objects, Giselle is learning through play.
 Giselle correctly name at least 12 colors and 10 plus shapes.
 Recognized all the alphabet letters and started to clearly write her name.
 Giselle can understand the concept of time and the order of daily activities,
like breakfast in the morning, lunch in the after noon, and dinner at night.
 I noticed, that Giselle is confidence using past, present and future tense to
describe events. Her sentences may be 7-8 words length.
 Follow two-to three- parts commands for example, “Put your book away, brush
your teeth, and then get in bed.”
 Recognize familiar word signs, such as “STOP”
 Knows her address and mom’s cell number and the names of all her family
Child’s Social Development:
 Giselle, has developed a group of friends she regularly plays with.
 She consider other’s people’s point of views in every situation.
 Giselle saw one of her friend sad couple days ago and she sat next to her and give
her a hug were she shows her sympathy.
 Giselle will apologize if is necessary if she’s at fault.
 I have noticed that Giselle is using her imagination more and more to play and
come with nice organize set up to have fun for example, she put together a tea
party and invited all the girls to come.
 Giselle begin to demonstrating independence, she will want to do just about
everything on her own and will begin to question others even Mom and Dad.
 I noticed when I was visiting her home, that she wanted to pour her milk, pick up
her own clothes or go on a play date without her mom.
 Giselle loves to play and interact with her friends in the classroom, she play very
well. She is a very sweet 5 years little girl!
Child’s Emotional Development:
 Giselle begin articulating her feelings in a meaningful way for example, I have hard
Giselle said to her friends, “I don’t like when you tell me, I can’t play with you girls,
you hurt my feelings.”
 I have noticed also that Giselle sometimes feels empathy, for example: Giselle saw her
friend Violet who’s also her age in distress and said, “I’m sorry you are sad.”
 Giselle can point out things that she sees as wrong or different in others’ behavior and
appearance. At the same time, I’ve observed how Giselle can be very critical of herself for
example, when her friend project is looking better than hers, and she can’t get it to look
the same or better or realize she make a mistake …She gets very disappointed with
 I also noticed with Giselle, how well she exhibits confidence about herself, just couple
days ago she was telling me about all the things she can do now as a “big” girl, but
then turn around and quickly fall apart when she realizes that she couldn't open her
water bottle the way she wanted.
 Mom mentioned that Giselle often cries or have tantrums of frustration, as she desires
to be a big girl and more independent which may not always be possible because she is
not yet developmentally ready for certain tasks or activities.
Giselle Pictures on Different Domains