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Sesi 13

5/4/2018 S2_PEP_Sesi_13
Why Use Rubrics?

• Set goals
• Define expectations
• Demystify grades

5/4/2018 S2_PEP_Sesi_13
Teamwork Rubric

• Expectations of group members

• Participation of group members
• Level of involvement as team member
• Quality of work as team member

5/4/2018 S2_PEP_Sesi_13
Team Rubric
Team 1 2 3 4
Cooperative Will not help - ignores Sometimes willing to Shares work when Willingly explains things
partner help partner asked and listens to partner and will use
to partner partner’s ideas

Creative Never thinks of other Occasionally has a Has new ideas but Develops new ideas or
ideas to solve a new idea, but little will not share with ways of doing things.
problem follow through others Products exceed
On Task Constantly talking to Sometimes talks about Usually follows the Always follows the steps
others in room, rarely unrelated subjects tasks and talks of the task and
works on task only to partner sometimes goes beyond
the concepts
Prepared Never has supplies or Looks through to task Uses daily wrap-up Arrives early for class
willing to find proper to find place and to find place in task and supplies are ready
place in task sometimes borrows
Skillful Makes no effort to Satisfied with Has general idea Has clear idea of task
learn new skills answering questions, of task. Able to and its relationship to
but no real answer specific technology and
5/4/2018 S2_PEP_Sesi_13
understanding questions education
Project Rubric

• Expectations for organization

• Expectations for mechanics
• Expectations for content
• Expectations for presentation

5/4/2018 S2_PEP_Sesi_13
Sample Rubric: Second

5/4/2018 S2_PEP_Sesi_13
Sample Rubric: Sixth Grade


5/4/2018 S2_PEP_Sesi_13
Sample Rubric: Eighth Grade

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