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It is the first gastronomic center where
you will find the best dishes that will keep
you healthy in completely different
presentations such as biodegradable and
compostable tableware made with
totally natural materials of vegetable
origin, from sustainable production and
certified crops.
They can be discarded in the organic
container with the rest of the food waste.
No product that contains All raw materials are from renewable
contaminating materials such as resources such as bamboo, corn,
plastic, aluminum or chemical cotton, sugar cane (bagasse), palm
bleaches, is for this reason that the leaves, etc., which means that their
waste they generate is not harmful to rate of natural regeneration is very
the environment. fast.
We want to show that it is possible
to change consumption habits to
be more responsible with the
environment, that originality and
elegance are not at odds with
ecology, and that without a doubt
this change of mentality makes our
lives easier and the planet more
In our university there are many organizations that
contribute to the care of the environment. We can expose
our idea and make it come true.
You will be up to date with all the news that moves in
the world of ecology and sustainability, the latest
developments in compostable and biodegradable
packaging, recycling and composting systems and
news that expand our ecological awareness.
5 things you can earn if you visit the store:
 For each container returned to the
store you will get a discount.

 If you bring biodegradable materials

to the store you will get a voucher for
your favorite dish.
 You can accumulate points if you go to
store recycling events.

 For purchases over 50 dollars you enter

the draw for a week of free

 If you are a frequent customer, we will

give you a plant to plant in your home.
Coffee cups made with cellulose from
sustainable production sources and
kraft paperboard without chemicals.
All markings are with vegetable
based inks.

The PLA is a completely transparent

ecological plastic from the synthesis of
dextrose from corn, potato or various
plants and accepts a maximum
temperature of 40ºC.
Its emits less CO2 emissions than plastic
containers derived from petroleum such
as PVC.
CPLA is like the rest of ecological
plastics but reinforced to
withstand temperatures of up to
85ºC. This material is used in
items like lids for glasses and

The sugarcane residue called

"bagasse" is suitable for its strength
and moldability. Allows microwave
use. They are compostable and
decompose in 12 weeks.
It is revealed that last year in the United
Kingdom of 2.5 billion disposable cups of
coffee has only been recycled 1 out of every
400 units.

We see that the advance in the use of

disposable cups is increasing with the
problem that they are difficult to recycle
due to the combination of plastic and
cellulose in their composition we know why
they end up in a plastic dump.

Keep in mind that plastic can take up to

500 years to decompose.

Organic waste
fertilizer “humus”

Transfer to
Decomposition biology
Who you can reduce
 Use rechargeable batteries.
 Use energy-efficient appliances and lower them when
not in use.
 Do not leave the house lights on all night.
 Turn off the water tap when washing the dishes,
teeth or hands when water is not required.
 Reduce the emission of polluting gases such as
 Create fertilizer for the garden plants with the
remains of food.
 Walk, ride a bicycle or take public transportation
when you go to school or work.

Who you can reuse

 Buy drinks in returnable bottles

 The water with which they wash is used to water the
 The water with which the food is washed can be used
to water the garden
• Use the toothbrushes used to clean dirty surfaces
 Buy and donate used clothing. Buying in second-hand
stores is an excellent way to stop wasting energy and
After the heavy rains in Piura last year, poverty has
increased and many families no longer have a home or
food and now live in the streets and in bad conditions,
so we would like to create an association to build houses
with recyclable materials and Use electricity through
solar panels so that people take care of the planet.

Also with our food project in recyclable containers to be

able to take them food daily if they promise to return
the containers and not throw them on the ground
reducing pollution