MCCM Human Resources Services

On-line Job Application System

Introd uction
Background and Project Description In computer technology, new applications are developed daily. Computer is no longer limited to factories, banks, companies and other government institutions. In our time, one of the most important sources to people around the world is information. It is one of the sources that is being used by companies or business establishments. People need information in order to transact business, to know what routes to take to avoid traffic, to know the degree in college to take and to know what decisions to make. One of the problems nowadays is finding a suitable job that matches the skills that a person has,

that is why the proponents decided to create an Online Job Application System. It is a system that will allow potential applicants to search for a specific job that matches their skill and it can be accessed through the use of the internet. MCCM Human Resources is a job agency that serves as a bridge between individuals who seek suitable career opportunities and organizations in need for qualified professionals and skilled employees. That is why the proponents have chosen the said company to become the subject of the study.

Organizational Overview
MCCM Human Resources Services is a private employment agency duly registered by the Department of Labor. It maintains a pool of workers of different skill levels in the following fields: • Engineers • Factory Workers • Office Workers / Staffs In their field MCCM Human Resources Services has developed ten proven tactics to screen and locate only exemplary applicants prior to deployment to their assigned companies.

These are follows:
3. Sourcing of Potential Applicants 5. Screening 7. Trade Test 9. Medical Examinations 11. Review of Medical Examinations 13. Selection and Processing 15. Documentation 17. Drug Test 19. Company Orientation 21. Follow-up Process

Company History MCCM Human Resources Services which is headed by their President Mr. Conrado Magadia and the Manager Mrs. Julita Magadia was organized on December 11, 2003 at Binan Laguna 2nd Floor of Caridad Mendoza Business Center as a local employment agency. Their staff was assigned in each of their position like Executive Assistant, HR/ Office Supervisor, Accounting Assistant, Office Assistant, Recruitment Personnel, Admin. & Personnel and their 7 coordinators that are assigned in different companies which they are connected. The purpose of their company is to encourage the applicants to have work and to deploy them to company.

The company is specialized in supplying manpower in engineering, factory workers, office staffs and maintenance projects. MCCM Human Resources Services objective is to expand the local operation of the company and to capture promising markets, to continue their growth and expansion into new and existing markets by increasing their deployment of manpower at the rate of 50% annually. Kisho Sakata, Hysonic, Metal Cast, Tsukaba, Amcor White Cap, Miyoshi and Cam Mechatronic are the connecting companies of MCCM Human Resources Services.

Statement of the Problem General Problem Specific Problem • How to develop a system that can be accessed simultaneously by many applicants? • How to create a module that will enhance the advertise of agency’s job offerings and other information for the applicants? • How to create a module that will lessen the paper works of the company?

Objective of the Study General Objective Specific Objectives • To develop a system that can be accessed simultaneously by many applicants. • To create a module that will advertise the agency’s job offerings and other information for the applicants. • To create a module that will lessen the paper works of the company

Significance of the Study
• Agency • Applicants • Proponents • STI College Santa Rosa • Future Researchers

Scope and Limitations Scope (Front – End) • Interface • Transaction Module • Online Registration • Change Password • Jobs Offered Module . • Job Matching Module . • Help

(Back – End) • Control Panel • Applicants Information Module • Site Maintenance • File Maintenance Module * Add and Save * Edit * Delete * Update * Reports • User’s Maintenance