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Napoleon Bonaparte

 Birth
 Action as a general
 Emperor
 Reforms
 Napoleon's Code
 Religion
 What happened burning the crown
 Russian attack
 Exile part
 Death
 Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15,1769 in the city of
Ajaccio on the island of Corsica.
 His father was Carlo Bonaparte, an important attorney who
represented Corsica at the court of the French King.
 Napoleon Bonaparte is famous for being fairly short, probably
5 feet 6 inches tall.
 He is a brilliant military commander, conquered much of
Action as a general
 Napoleon rose quickly in the
military because many military
officers fled France during the
 By the age of 27 Napoleon was
promoted to general.
 In December 1804, Napoleon crowned
himself emperor.
 He again began wars with the power of
 By the end of 1805, Napoleon had
defeated all of the other powers, except
 He created a new French empire
covering much of Europe.
 Economic Order- Set up a National Bank.
 Social Order- Welcomed nobles back.
 Religious Order- Signed the Concordat-agreement that set a
new relationship between church and state. Religious freedom
 Legal Order- Wrote a new set of laws called Napoleonic code.
Napoleon’s Code
 As emperor, Napoleon created his Civil Code, basic laws much
like a constitution to run his empire.
 He tried to destroy the feudal, hierarchical order in the French
 Nobility and clergy lost privileges, and equality of opportunity
was declared, along with religious toleration before the law.
 So, to that extent he did preserve the revolutionary ideals.
 ‘‘Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet’’
 There was a schism with the church due to the Revolution-
Constitutional clergy and the Refectory Clergy.
 This split the public between a loyalty to God and a loyalty to
What happened burning the
 Napoleon invited the people to
crown him Emperor, but took the
crown from the Pope and placed it
on his own head .
 This way to show that he was
superior to the church and answer to
no one.
Russian attack
 Breakdown on Russian-French
alliance caused Napoleon to invade
 Napoleon brought 42,000 soldiers.
 Czar Alexander destroy Moscow by
time Napoleon takes city.
 Russian army attacks Napoleon’s
troops on way back, only 10,000 are
Exile part
 Napoleon is exiled to the island of Elba by the French.
 Louis XVIII becomes the new King but is unpopular to the
 Napoleon escapes Elba and the French welcome him back.
 Napoleon died after six years of exile on Saint Helena on May
5, 1821.
 He died from stomach cancer.
 His remains were moved to France in 1840 to Les Invalids in