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The goal of this campaign is to increase sales of the Harley Davidson Sportster among the target audience of women ages 35-44 that are married, with some college education, and self described as Gen X females seeking to escape boredom. The HD Sportster·s weight and balance is ideal for the average woman·s frame. The plan is to increase sales amongst this target audience by 3,000 units within one year. Annual production of the HD Sportster is 19,400 units/year. Within one year of the campaign, increasing the total sales of HD Sportster units to 22,400 is the marketing task. We will build the HD franchise by marketing the Sportster directly to women. By grasping and understanding the Harley culture through researching quantitative, as well as lifestyle data, this media plan will use inclusion marketing to market the Harley Davidson brand directly to the target audience. For the Harley Davidson culture, women are a vital part of the HD brand awareness strategy.

PA San Francisco. Non traditional media ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ Sponsor MADD ride off which will also reinforce the brand amongst the Sportster·s target audience Sponsor a bowl-off in each of the top 5 DMA·s 3 . CA ¹ Television ² the ad will present the image of the Harley culture and what the consumer will be included in with the purchase of the Sportster. CA Chicago. IL Philadelphia.¹ DMA for the media plan is: ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ New York. Outdoor ² billboards in top 5 DMA·s on major highways and high Harley traffic such as interstates and county roads. NY Los Angeles.


But Harley has not increased the price. Currently. cookouts. the Sportster is offered in 7 models for 2009. Along with the advertising tactics through national television. Price .Any of these models range from $6. Promotion .Harley-Davidson has implemented several strategies to promote its motorcycle brand. radio.Harley-Davidson Sportster.¹ ¹ ¹ Analysis of Marketing Objectives & Strategies What are the 4 P·s of Harley-Davidson? Product . The products were sold to retail customers mainly through dealer promotions and customer events. print. as the company has been unable to produce enough bikes to satisfy demand. such as clothing.000. ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ 883 Low ² XL 883L 883 Custom ² XL 883C Iron 883 ² XL 883 N 1200 Nightster ² XL 1200N 1200 Low ² XL 1200L 1200 Custom ² XL 1200C XR 1200 ¹ Place . Dealerships have become a gathering place for the dedicated Harley members where jam sessions. swap meets and other events are most popular.Harley-Davidson has cultivated close relationships with dealers and provided a full line of products. to expand the profitability of the Harley brand. Rather. ¹ ¹ . direct mailings and the internet. Pricing is an important tactic of the Harley strategy.000-11. HD seeks a reasonable price to keep the customers coming back and seeking to promote the vision of the true Harley-Davidson brand.

8%) 2008 Net Income (mil. allowing to promote.9%) 2008 Employees 10.971.3% What is the total size of this market? ¹ ¹ Primary ² Women 35-44 (9. and market any products they wish to increase revenue upon. ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ Company Type Public (NYSE: HOG) Fiscal Year-End December 2008 Sales (mil.759. HD has chosen partners and has established relationships with key retailers that are obligated to sell Harley-Davidson products.) $654. 6 .872.7 1-Year Net Income Growth (29.3 1-Year Sales Growth (2.800) Secondary ² Women 25-34 (8.100 1-Year Employee Growth 3.A few key numbers for Harley-Davidson in 2008. advertise.) $5.200) What methods have been used to sell this product? ¹ Harley-Davidson has used integration as the key to its success.

. Current awareness and how has it changed recently? ¹ Harley-Davidson has become the American motorcycle. Awareness goals for the future of Harley-Davidson? ¹ Customer relationships.430. Being at a mature stage in its market and life cycle. Any sales goals Harley-Davidson expects for there products? ¹ HD experienced a drop in revenue in 2007 from $61. Over the years.Product life cycle? ¹ Harley-Davidson has peaked its age at over a century. not only in the U.S.000 to an estimated value of $59. connecting with core customers. sponsoring more events to help brand recognition. and staying ten steps ahead of competitors. . Harley-Davidson still competes with ease against competitors still today. crossover prospects and non-riders like never before. Continuing to focus on strengths. From promotional events like the upcoming 105th Anniversary Celebration or an exclusive Nightster motorcycle launch party for young adults to our Dark Custom family of motorcycles.300 Increasing their brand awareness. market -defining products and extraordinary customer experiences is the key to there success. the popularity. A brand that will always be recognizable. but in Europe has increase dramatically. The international growth is a sign of the incredible strength of the Harley-Davidson brand abroad and the ability of the brand to transcend cultures and languages.971. spending increase for advertising and check all marketing processes will help a stabilizing increase financially for Harley-Davidson.

Retailers are split between shops that carry ´Big 4 Bikesµ and HarleyDavidson dealerships. Yamaha is the third-largest supplier in the U. and the only supplier for whom motorcycles present the majority of company revenue.V. Internet Advertising Network T..V. after Honda and Harley. and the world's largest supplier of motorcycles.S.Competitive Considerations Who are all the major competitive players? ¹ ¹ Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki What share of the market do they have? ¹ Harley-Davidson is the only domestic supplier with a substantial share of the market. Point of Purchase 8 . Which media does the competition use? Which Vehicles? ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ Multimedia Consumer Magazines Exhibits/Trade Shows Spot T. Honda is currently the market leader.

S. What share of market do they have against Harley-Davidson? ¹ Having stiff competition. ¹ Compared with the competition.µ With sleek designs. market and uses the brand loyalty for a remarkable landslide over competition. can be thought of as the ´American Dream. some of these institutions include more financial products than what Harley-Davidson currently offers. reasonable costs and more variety of Harley products separates them from competition. Harley-Davidson still oversees and holds 60 percent of the U. the company may have a competitive disadvantage. insurance companies and other financial institutions. is your brand unique or does it resemble competitor style completely? ¹ Harley-Davidson. 9 . Harley-Davidson·s financial operations face remarkable competition from various banks.Financially is Harley-Davidson keeping up with the competition? ¹ Price has become a major competitive factor for consumers in the motorcycle market and because Harley-Davidson is competing against competitors globally. in a sense.

Special Events Marketing * Premiums & Novelties Point of Purchase Outdoor (Posters. you haven't been on a motorcycleµ. to Consumers Exhibits/Trade Shows Internet Advertising Atlantic Beach Bike Festival Network T. sponsored this event to capitalize on consumers and the trend-setting celebrities in attendance.V. to participate in the largest beach festival. successful marketing and inspiring customer experiences are the key successes of HarleyDavidson.Creative History of Brand How is the product currently positioned? ¹ Consumer relationships. This slogan. Which media are currently being used by this brand? ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ Catalogs & Directories Co-op Adv. 10 . What is the current copy theme? Slogan? Headlines? ¹ ´Until you've been on a Harley-Davidson. along with many others.S. Spot T. Consumer Magazines Direct Mkt. for the first time. Harley-Davidson. has directed Harley-Davidson to the top by having its customers· simply enjoying a good motorcycle.V. Transit) Press Releases * It draws in bikers from around the U.

Harley-Davidson appeals to you as an individual. a Harley-Davidson follower. you can purchase anytime. The passion for the road. How is the product/service used? Consumed? When? ¹ ¹ The best time to buy a Harley or any products provided by the company is through HD advertisements. Many have encouraged and inspired friends and family members to do the same. Women riders are a major target for Harley and moving up to the driver·s seat of their own Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Other products. consumer touchbacks and amount of locations available. The whole spirit is the ability to take that individuality to customization. appeals to your need for escape and adventure. How do users feel about the brand? Attitudes? Lifestyles? Psychological benefits? ¹ ´Harley-Davidson is a person in disguise. would be a very low involvement decision. from an article by Joyceann Cooney regarding Harley·s dedication to its consumers. Offering these consumers a sense of pride and belongingness. such as HD apparel.µ A quote used by Ruth Crowley. . the thrill and the freedom is contagious. step-by-step process.Does this product have a high or low involvement process? ¹ Selecting a Sportster or any type of motorcycle model would be a high involvement.

or both? ¹ HD has been distributed nationally as well as regionally for decades. the wild hog of the streets. The Life Style Market Analyst. Which spot markets have best potential? ¹ New York. SRDS data: SRDS 2004. with strong focus on key regions.Is the brand distributed nationally. 12 . PA San Francisco. the image of HD is the American Chopper. Does data support this decision? ¹ HD will continue to advertise nationally on a steady level but will put a strong emphasis on the top 5 geographic markets. Advertise in national media only? ¹ Although national media distribution would incorporate the all markets. CA ¹ These are the top 5 spot markets for HD to focus on for the primary target market based on data provided by US Census/ Nielsen. CA Chicago. What types of non traditional media can be justified for this brand? ¹ HD will hold many types of promotional events as well as sponsorships events such as HD Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. we are focusing on the top 5 spot markets as our primary targeted campaign. NY Los Angeles. and will continue to be distributed nationally. Advertise national media with heavy-up buys in key spot markets. IL Philadelphia. regionally.

8 52.43 88.75 140.96 CDI 83.31 163.33 130.3 71.04 13 .63 61.BDI & CDI BDI New York Los Angeles Chicago Philadelphia San Francisco 90.42 336.

Timing & Purchase Cycle Is life cycle relevant? ¹ From data gathered from HD·s Web site it is apparent that the HD brand is in its Mature stage of the product life cycle What is the purchase cycle for this product? If purchased frequently. or outdoor? ¹ Though HD bikes are high-involvement purchases that are bought infrequently. Philadelphia. Chicago. NY. IL. newspapers. outdoor advertising is a positive tactic to reinforce brand awareness. and San Fransisco. CA) are a mixture of both seasonal and consistently warmer geographical regions. 14 . Can weather or climate in geographic regions be used strategically? ¹ From examining our Estimated Value Percentages. PA. HD·s top 5 DMAs (including: New York. Los Angeles. (more than once a month) reminder advertising may be appropriate in broadcast media. CA.

Questions About the Media Mix Which media vehicles match the lifestyle of your target audience? Catalogs & Directories Co-op Adv. Special Events Marketing 15 . Spot T. Consumer Magazines Direct Mkt. to Consumers Exhibits/Trade Shows Internet Advertising Network T.V.V.

Is the message simple or complex? ¹ Simple. Harley-Davidson is one of the leading manufacturers and rated highest in customer relationships providing increasing revenue. Does product need to be shown visually? Why? ¹ Harley-Davidson·s logo is the representation of its brand·s loyalty by there demographic location target. According to MarketLine. Is color important in your media mix for this brand? ¹ Advertising the bold Harley-Davidson brand colors will attract new consumers and maintain relationships with current supportive consumers. 16 .


but it is important to establish brand loyalty with Sportster riders because further purchases of the higher-end HD models could occur.Increasing brand awareness to the target market will increase the customer traffic to HD retail stores and HD·s Web site.Since the Sportster is an entry level HD. Awareness will also further increase/reinforce the idea of owning a HD includes the owner in the exclusive ´Harley Club. it is important to establish brand loyalty because in the future. brand loyalty is less important to establish with all HD owners.Communication Objective ¹ Remind . it is imperative to remind consumers/riders that the Sportster riders are in fact included in the ´Harley Club. Increasing brand awareness will initiate a process leading to the final purchase of a HD Sportster. Awareness . Sportster riders will purchase higher-end HD bikes.µ Brand Loyalty .Seeks to make consumers and HD riders aware that the HD Sportster is a Harley although the Sportster is an entry level bike. Establishing brand loyalty with wives of HD riders is also an objective.µ 18 ¹ ¹ . Since HD has virtually no competitors.

these women want to escape from the day-to-day grind of everyday life by hopping on their HD and riding off. when a female consumer purchases a HD Sportster. Women Sportster riders want to be included in the HD culture and viewed as legitimate HD riders. The HD Sportster·s existing position is an entry-level HD bike targeting primarily 30-39 year old women. meaning. the goal is to have the HD brand perceived as an inclusive buy. she isn·t just getting a bike. The HD Sportster will be perceived as a buy-in ticket to the ´Harley Clubµ for potential female consumers because the Sportster is an entry-level bike. 19 ¹ ¹ .Creative Strategy ¹ Overall.µ (mostly male dominated) where the only rule is to own a HD motorcycle. Also. as do most HD riders. she is also gaining admittance into the ever-exclusive ´Harley Club. These women want to be perceived as legitimate HD owners.

Brand Promise ¹ The brand promise is the benefit of being included into the most exclusive. club in the world. Riders of the HD Sportster will be promised inclusion into the ´Harley Clubµ and the HD culture. Tag Line ´Inclusion to the Exclusiveµ 20 . yet most well-known.

and included into the exclusive HD culture.Tone ¹ The tone of voice for the HD Sportster brand advertisements will be a serious tone of a man·s voice describing the HD culture and the product features of the Sportster. 21 .. emphasizing the smaller frame of the bike which makes it ideal for potential women customers. The use of a male voice in the ads will further reinforce that HD Sportster riders are legitimate HD owners/riders.


8 percent PRIMARY: The primary target audience is married women. SECONDARY: The secondary target audience is married women. 25-44 with college education.Target Audience & Media Mix Objective Target Audience: ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ Women appear to be the next emerging market in the motorcycle category. women owners of bikes in the 850cc class and above have grown from an estimated 5. and an annual household income of 65. Both primary and secondary target audiences are women who have the desire for the freedom on the open road. and to escape their every day ordinary lives.3 percent to 10. 35-44 with college education. with an annual household income of 65. 23 . In the last decade.000+.000+.

harleydavidson. 2009. on the 3rd Annual International Female Ride Day. This discount will be in the form of a coupon and will expire after 6 months. every woman who test rides a Sportster. 24 . those who visit www. launch teaser campaign ads/commercials for the Sportster on the television channels: ABC. Harley Davidson will place blimp style motorcycles throughout shopping centers in the top 5 DMA cities. This campaign will also include a one page ad with information about the test ride event in the April 2009 edition of American Iron. will receive a discounted price on the purchase of the motorcycle. Finally. will have the opportunity to sign up for a raffle.com. #1 motorcycle magazine on the newsstand. as well as in Ladies Home Journal.These women also portray the following traits: ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ Hold part time/full time jobs during the week Hidden tattoos Thrill-seeker Attitude Wears boots Wears tight fitting jeans Typically wears hair longer Media Mix: ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ Beginning the third week in April. Beginning May 1. These blimps will advertise the Sportster. CBS and Lifetime in the top 5 DMA markets. These ads will be 30 seconds in duration and will be run for two weeks. One lucky name drawn will receive a free Sportster courtesy of Harley Davidson. which prizes will be given those whose names are drawn. For a form of non-traditional advertising.

0.Reach-Frequency & GRP Objective ¹ Achieve 75% reach during the two weeks of the teaser campaign (154 GRP·s) with a 2. but relates with the short campaign duration of two weeks. 25 . and frequency at lowest will be 1.05. (See Appendix page 37) Reach will range from 70-75% over the duration of the two week campaign. it is just below the optimum frequency level of 3. The non-traditional reach goal is to get at least 30-35% of women to visit a HarleyDavidson retail store to test ride a Sportster. 75% would reach ¾ of the prospective target market(s). With a reach of 75%. With a frequency of 2.5.05 frequency. it is a respectable and attainable goal.

Media weight will go toward ´ABC: American Idolµ and ´CBS: Extreme Home Makeoverµ and ´Lifetime: Say Nothingµ. The print ad will contain information about the Sportster giveaway.Reach-Frequency & GRP Strategy ¹ Traditional media will peak during the first week of the campaign with 154 GRP·s in television. 26 .

The website raffle will also begin in the third week of April and will remain open until May 1st. which will also be the actual drawing for the Sportster. which is the date for the test ride event. American Iron and Ladies Home Journal. Campaign kicks off with the teaser ads beginning the third week in April and will run through May 1st. 27 . will both print a one page ad (See Appendix page 39) for the test ride event occurring on May 1st in the April edition. Traditional media will run continuously for the last two weeks in April.Scheduling & Timing Objective ¹ All campaigns will take place in April/May.

Scheduling & Timing Strategy ¹ The teaser campaign (154 GRP·s) will run during the first week of actual campaign. The broadcast buys in TV will run after the average work day is complete. 28 ¹ . American Iron and Ladies Home Journal (See Appendix page 39) will print a one page ad for the test ride event occurring on May 1st in the April edition.harleydavidson. between 6 pm and midnight. The spending will be accelerated in the last week of April with continuous traditional advertising. The raffle will remain accessible 24 hours a day on www.com for two weeks and will close May 1st at 12 am.

Each market will receive a percentage of the total budget based on the Estimated Values (EV%) rankings from a spreadsheet analysis of all 5 markets.Media Budget Objective ¹ Harley Davidson·s $23 million budget is limited to spending in the top 5 DMAs. (See Appendix page 40) 29 .

000 covers the expense of the Sportster being won from the raffle 30 $2 million in discounts given to those who test ride . Internet) in 5 DMA·s $25. Total women ages 35-54 in each market 2.975 million in mass media (Cable TV. including Bowl-a-Thon $15. Magazine.Media Budget Strategy ¹ A spreadsheet analysis of the top 5 DMA·s based on these categories: (See Appendix page 40) ¹ ¹ ¹ 1. Sportster sales by market ¹ The $23 million budget will be allocated as follows: (See Appendix page 36) ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ $5 million for non-traditional media. Motorcycle category sales by market 3.

Geography Objective ¹ All cable TV buys are restricted to spot buys in the top 5 DMA·s. 31 .

32 . San Francisco. Market selections are predicted on EV% growth potential for the Harley Davidson Sportster. Population of women 35-44 2. Average household income 3. the 5 metros selected from the top 50 include: ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ ¹ 1. PA 5. Los Angeles. CA 3. New York.Geography Strategy ¹ MRI and CMR data combined with Harley Davidson·s proprietary marketing database provided information for a spreadsheet evaluation of the top 50 DMA·s. IL 4. Percent of U. CA ¹ The Harley Davidson spreadsheet analysis for this plan is based on three criteria: ¹ ¹ ¹ 1. Philadelphia.S motorcycle commuters. Chicago. NY 2. In ranking order.

Primary vehicle: Television 33 . and magazine awareness strategies and promotion of Harley-Davidson by internet clicks per page. Increase of revenue which will be accomplished through teaser campaigns. Build on the Harley-Davidson franchise by marketing the brand directly to women.Sales Promotion Objective Goals: ¹ ¹ ¹ Increase sales of the Sportster (all models 883cc-1200cc) among women by 3.000 units by one year. price promotions.

will be given a 5 percent discount off the purchase price. every woman who test rides a Sportster at a Harley location within one of the DMA·s selected. 34 . the top 5 DMA·s have been chosen with respect to ESV percentage ranking order. and will participate in promoting the motorcycle to more women. the 3rd Annual International Female Ride Day. Teaser ads will run for two weeks in April in selected media dominated by women.Sales Promotion Strategy ¹ With an annual estimated production of 8 percent from the Harley-Davidson Sportster sales. Beginning and ending on May 1.



37 .

000 Totals GRP: 616 COST: 62.595.688 75 2.000.Media Flow Chart Medium Internet T.750 GRP:154 COST: 4.1 Totals GRP: 154 COST: 3.228.980.000 54 1.397.996.813 77 2.993.000.996.000.000 282 9.938 77 2.500 GRP:154 COST: 3.875 74 3.500 100 2.313 75 2.1 May 77 1.875 80 4.153.V.750 GRP:154 COST: 7.746. Print Non-traditional (Blimp) GRP $(000) Reach AVE Frequency April 77 1.976 38 .993.834.987.000 334 10.

. ‡Visit your local Harley Davidson retail shop or harleydavidson.‡MAY 1st ONLY: Each woman who test rides the new HD SPORTSTER will receive a generously discounted price.com for more information.

42 .

Thank You This media plan has been presented to you by: Group 9 Christopher Cottrell Kelly Deason Tyler Kaha Kyle Sahadi Tim Sheldon Jonathon Sitarski .

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