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Why PARLE ±G is No. 1

Introduction History & Product range Introduction Phase of PARLE-G Research Design Data and Analysis Conclusion

Introduction Phase - Parle
Founded in 1929 as a Confectionary Comp Decade later Introduced Biscuits Imported Biscuits shipped by British Introduced better glucose biscuits Initially sold only in Suburbs of Mumbai Wax wrappers for packaging

Product Range
Parle ± G Milk Shakti Parle - Magix Krackjack Monaco Digestive Marie Hide & Sick Mayfair Cookies

Confectionary Melody Mango bite Poppins Kismi Toffee Orange Candy Must Bites Sixer

Inroduction ±PARLE G
Largest Selling Brand in world. Identified with baby on pack, affectionately called as Parle-G baby Winner of 8 gold and 11 silver monde selection awards Founded in 1961, Monde Selection¶s mission is to test

consumer products and grant them a bronze, silver, gold or grand gold quality award.)

Liked by all age and income groups 40% share of biscuit market and a 15% share of confectionary

Largest manufacturer of biscuits since 80 years Quality, nutrition and great taste. More than 1500 Wholesalers an 1.3 Million retail outlets Faith and trust Example of marketing brilliance for Competitors 65 % of Glucose Biscuit market.

Research Design
Research Goal ± attributes which makes parle-G no 1 in
Glucose segments.

Data Collection Method ± The initial study of the
product was done online and the data collected for it was from the companies website ³www.parle.com³. Some secondary data was collected from web site ³´. This site gave opinions from different people. The data collected from this source was passive and it just gave a small insight in to the products favoritism among the people. The primary data was collected by questionnaire method

Questionnaire ± I have made a questionnaire and selected a sample
size of 30 people that is a sampling base technique for which we have set a questionnaire of 15 questions which is done on the basis of structured (closed ended) interview

Analysis of Data
Age Group:
The there was no particular age group for consideration and the population studied contained individuals from all ages. Children belong to age from 5 to 12 years, Teenagers belonged to age from 13 to 22 years, Young working Class included individuals from age 23 to 40 and 40 onwards were included in experienced working class. The pie chart above shows that the sample size was a good representative of the actual population which has almost the same demographics.

Hunger satisfaction: The question was
intended to check whether the size of the packaging is according to the demand for it. It can be seen that majority of the people belong to the group who feel that Parle-G can take care of hunger of a person

Attribute: Three attributes were
tested as to why the biscuit was liked by the individuals. The response from the survey shows that approximately equal amount of people belonged to each category and it could be suggested that different individuals liked it for different reasons.

Quality The survey conducted shows
that the respondents were happy with the current quality of the biscuits. The plot above shows that most of the population falls under the good and Ok category. The product meets the expectation of the customers

The three major attributes which influence the position of the biscuit in the market were Quality,

Price and Distribution of the biscuit.

The distribution channels takes into consideration and see to it that there is no lag in the supply of the biscuits in the market, there have been lag in supply of competitors biscuit. The Quality of the competitor is not up to the mark as compared to Parle-G. The price is highly competitive in the market and it is the cheapest among all the biscuits in the glucose biscuit segment. The value for money that people get from Parle-G is much better as compared to any other biscuit.

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