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Female Muslim Eating Experience At Non-Muslim Country :

Role Of Mobile Apps On Emotions

By: Siti Najihah Bt Rosidi (S37494)

Supervisor : Dr. Wan Hafiz B. Wan Z.S

1 Introduction 2 Objectives
This study will learnt more on
current trends in female Muslim 1. To study the factors that
tourists eating experience. impact on female Muslim
How mobile apps be such a great eating experience at non-
help while travelling at non-Muslim Muslim country.
country. 2. To examine why female
Based on previous research, there Muslim tourist chose any
are 5 main factors that influence particular apps & impact on
tourist food consumption : these apps towards travel
•Culture and religious influence dining behaviour.
•Socio-demographic factors 3. To explore how mobile apps
•Food –related personality traits impact on female Muslim
•Exposure and past experience emotions while travelling.
•Motivational factors

3 Method 4 Significant Study

• Qualitative study 1. Can contribute on knowledge in factors influencing female
• Interview method using Critical Incident Muslim eating experiences.
Technique (CIT) 2. Can help those non-Muslim countries to earn more by creating
• Quota sampling : Participants were positive relationship with female Muslim tourists.
choose based on certain criteria such as 3. Can help to fulfill Muslim tourists expectation at non-Muslim
gender and travel destinations. countries.
• 25 participants that have travel around 4. Can encourage more apps developer to create more useful
7 different countries. travel apps for tourists.
• Pilot test will be conducted to test the 5. May enhance the importance of technology in tourism industry.
research questions and for security in
attaining useful results.

5 Expected Results
COUNTRY • Mobile apps may be very helpful towards
female Muslim tourist that travel in non-Muslim
FRANCE INDIA CHINA NEW • Female Muslim food experience may vary for
n=4 n=4 n=4 n=2 each participants as they travel in different
n=3 n=4 n=4
• They may faced different kind of challenges
while travelling in different countries.