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m Bharti Airtel is the flagship company of Bharti Enterprises.
m Õ   $½ ly 07, 1995, as a P lic Limited Company.
m 0#  $By 2010 Airtel will e the most admired rand in India.
m  % $^s. 369,615 mil (year ended March 31, 2009-
A dited).
m  "& $100 million.
m Airtel has a footprint in all the 23 telecom circles with a c stomer ase
of 100 million as of May 2009.
m Airtel has a market share of 24.7% as of March 2009.
m The  sinesses at Bharti Airtel have een str ct red into three
individ al strategic  siness nits (SBUǯs)-
Bharti Airtel

Airtel Telemedia Enterprise

Moile Services
Services Services




It is vital for s to manage the expectations

of o r c stomers and provide them with
innovative prod cts and services in a
manner which makes them loyal.
m Õ" '- to do their est

m & '0( - to adapt to the changing environment and

evolving c stomer needs

m  ') - y striving to change the stat s q o,

innovate and energize new ideas with a strong passion and
entreprene rial spirit

m ÿ     *

- with an initiate desire to do

m  ' +"*r with a desire to create a

meaningf l difference in making the experience with the
prod ct/service etter
· |




 Provide a single window of service pan-India
across all 23 circles.
 Process data and manage o r large c stomer
 To e in sync with o r c lt re of 


 Provide aro nd the clock service anytime,
Effective Interaction
 The First telecom company in the world to receive the
ISO 9001:2000 certification from British Standards
Instit te
 Constant innovation of C^M technology apt for the
growing market.
 Innovative VAS: e-recharge, e-recharge sing SMS
 The First to deploy Voice Q ality Enhancers to
improve voice q ality and aco stics
 Already a leader in B2C, now vent ring into B2B-
Bharti Airtel & Cisco.
 Oracle for C^M software.
 Tie  with Nokia, Black Berry.
 O tso rced their VAS to Comviva.
 Data feedack thro gh Channel artners.
 High-end servers from S n and HP.
 Partnered with IFFCO to offer alications like
cro rices, weather dates & voice ased
interface to r ral market.
'' '
% + + Õ"  +  '"+ 0
  | &, ,
The aility to chart
first collection markso thet an
This start ofcomines
stage ThisAirtelǯs
stage may
rovisioning an Airtel
lanned welcome
client rocess
average life
-selling andcycle
crossallows it
Analytical to leave.
verification. Airtelincl To
activates aavisit
rn down
a service
, Airtel ses
mod different
le stes services.
in, C^M has ctoThe
make acco nt retention
stomers andreresentative
makes olicies
a and
and loyalty
a call informing
rocesses to
every is divided
attemt into
co nt oerations
since clients can of the c ring
first rating clients
of ack
ased the Airtel
to thehel
Many clients
only aroached Theonly
a on
the alication.are won
end of this stage their first ill is
n C^M
merdeals with illing etc.
of times. generated.
 Post deloyment, the comany now manages a single alication
stack as oosed to the management of m ltile alications re-

 MIS reorts can now e viewed in real-time and online and

erformance of teams and reso rces can also e monitored.

 The alication also allows segregation of work at a team/individ al


 It has also given the comany access to a single knowledge

reository at a common level.

 With the deloyment, the comany can now resolve c stomer fa lts
7 ercent faster and has managed to red ce the re-occ rrence of
fa lts or m ltile fail res y 3 ercent.
 The analytical mod le sits on a data wareho se, which contains
C stomer rofiles, sage atterns, demograhics, reven e er
c stomer, and other information.

 After Mr. XYZǯs frantic call, for instance, Airtel offered to  m

 his credit limit  t also rged him to move to a talk lan that
involved a higher monthly rental, cheaer talk time and smarter
roaming rates.

 In the main, however, C^M is associated with retaining and

servicing c stomers.

 DzMarket analytics of a ready c stomer dataase can do wonders

in converting rosective c stomers into real
ÿ %
 Went live in Q1 04
Work flowartners- Oracle, SUN micro-systems,
m Technology
m IBM to Day
HP. activities
 IV^ rovided y Nortel-integrated to Oracle C^M.

m C stomer information
m B siness develoment
 Marketing
 Planning
 Camaign Management
 Lead Management
 Sales
 Activity Management
 Knowledge Management (FAQǯs, How to G ides)
 Call center S ort
 Oort nity Management
m After imlementation of the Oracle C^M, Airtelǯs now
imlementing e-C^M.
m e-C^M imlementation artner is IBM.
m Wo ld rovide a host of services now r nning on Oracle
X Online c stomer s ort
X C stomer rofiling
X We interface
X Sales management for vendors
m Extranet
m 3G, ATM recharge, m-cheq e.
m Better se of internet (Direct Comm nication channel)
m The way ahead - c rrently imlementing i-C^M.
|" Õ  E-romotion
m Predictive
modeling m Email
m Camaign C^M Data
Pers Content
^eository m We
Management m Call Center Sales Call
m Historical m Orders Billing P rchases
 Cases closed same day.
 N mer of cases handled y agent.
 N mer of service calls.
 Average time to resol tion.
 Average n mer of service calls er day.
 Percentage of service renewals.
 C stomer satisfaction level.
 Comlaint time-to-resol tion.
 Average n mer of service req ests y tye
 Percentage comliance with service-level
agreement (SLA).
 Eval ation
 Internal restr ct ring and re-engineering
 Imlementation

Ste Ȉ Technology
Eval ation
Ste Ȉ Internal
^estr ct ring Ste Ȉ Pilot Program
Ȉ Feedack
1 Ȉ Ga Analysis 2 Ȉ ^e-
engineering 3 Cycle
 Need to work harder to create rocesses and re-
m engineer of otherwise indeendent
services across all 23 circles
systems aro nd new imlementation
m Training helsemloyees
for all related to rovide newer
m Best rod data
services like
cts toofrom
can each
fail system
eca which
se of oor went
cinto teraytes.
stomized SMS  rst etc.
Design roer
m Maintaining work flow
existing a tomation.
service levels at the
m time of transition.
Facilitating and enaling knowledge
 F nctional
 Monitoring how c stomers interact with Airtel sing
vario s mod les of C^M.
 Visiility of  siness transactions across India
 Oerational
 Monitor SLAs
 Maintenance and modification
 Data flow
 Change Management
 Oversee enhancement
 Constantly imrove c stomer exerience
 Aligning C^M to Airtelǯs vision and growth oectives.
 Finding the right C^M managers has een a  rning
iss e in India.
Most (9) of the existing c stomers who were interviewed
were not hay with the c stomer service levels offered .They
The c stomers
comlained thatwho were hay (6) with the service,
That thethem for services
roaming not taken.
service rovided was nmatched;
services naskedof services which they received was f lfilling;
mmConnectivity and call dros;
The ease of ayment of hone ills;
mmThat the service of needs
The addressing 121- thethro
helline was notackages
gh secific really helf
whichl in answering
all q for
well eries as well
them (st as addressing
dents/yo the comlaints;
m That the comlaints went nanswered for a long time;
m That the comlaints were est solved thro gh online comlain
resol tion, y shooting a mail to the nodal officer y citing reference
n mer of contact with the call centre exec tive.
m B ild a Team m Dialog e With Yo r
m B siness Oectives C stomers
m Differentiate m Get Personal
m C stomer Exerience m Develo S ccess Metrics
Goals m C stomer Engagement
m Integrated C stomer Programs
Strategy m Collect Data
m Define & Ma Data m Test, test, test
^eq irements m Monitor
m Standardize Data
 A tomate Processes
 Emower Staff
 Kee It Simle
 Comm nicate