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 One of the main products of P&T Company is canned peas. The peas are
prepared at three canneries (near Bellingham, Washington; Eugene,
Oregon; and Albert Lea, Minnesota) having a production capacity of
75,125 and 100 respectively and are then shipped by truck to four
distributing warehouses in Sacremento, California; Salt Lake City, Utah;
Rapid City, South Dakota; and Albuquerque, New Mexico with a
requirement of 80, 65, 70, and 85 respectively. Because shipping costs are
a major expense, management has begun a study to reduce them. For
the upcoming season, an estimate has been made of what the output will
be from each cannery, and how much each warehouse will require to
satisfy its customers.
 A. ) Define an objective function to minimize total cost.
 B. ) Define the constraints including the non-negativity constraint.
 C. ) Calculate total shipping cost using Northwest Corner Rule.
 D. ) Calculate total shipping cost using Greedy Method or MCM.
 E. ) Calculate total shipping cost using Vogel’s Approximation Method.