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5/18/2018 1

Contract of Affreightment Freight Salient Points of a Bills of lading Types of Bills of Lading • Shipped bills of lading • Received Bills of Lading • Through Bill of Lading • Stale Bills of Lading 5/18/2018 2 .

• Groupage and house bills of lading • Transshipment Bill of Lading • Clean Bills of Lading • Claused Bills of Lading • Negotiable bills of lading • Non-negotioable bills of lading • Container bills of lading • Bill of lading in association with a charter party • Straight bill of lading • Negotiable FIATA combined transport bill 5/18/2018 3 .

5/18/2018 4 . • The buyer under a CIF or CFR contract need not accept such a bill for ultimate financial settlement through the bank provision has been made in the contract.• Shipped bills of lading • The goods have been actually shipped • Received bill of lading • The goods have been handed over to the shipowner and are in his custody.

• Through Bill of Lading • To employ two or more carriers to get the goods to their final destination • Shipping companies issue such Bs/L • Cover the whole transit and shopper deals only with the first carrier • Growing in popularity with the development of containerization 5/18/2018 5 .

• Stale Bills od Lading • Bills presented to the consignee or his bank after the goods are due at the port are said to be stale • A cargo cannot normally be delivered by the ship-owner without the bill of lading 5/18/2018 6 .

• Groupage and house bill of lading • The movement of compatible consignments from individual consignors to various consignee/situated in the same destination • The goods are consolidated into full container load • The shipping line issues a groupage to the forwarder • This is the ocean bill of lading and shows a number of consignment of groupage of a certain weight and measurement in a cargo manifest form 5/18/2018 7 .

lower insurance premium.• The forwarder issues a house Bs/L referring to the ocean B/L • merely receipt for cargo/not the same status as the Bs/L issued by the ship-owner • Shipper should clarify with the bank whether it is acceptable for L/C purposes • Advantages includes: less packing. usually quicker transit. less risk of damage and pilferage and lower rates 5/18/2018 8 .

• Transshipment bill of lading • Issued usually by shipping companies when there is no direct service between two ports but when the ship-owner is prepared to tranship the cargo at an intermediate port at his expense • Clean Bs/L • Claused Bs/L • Uncleaned • Foul or claused 5/18/2018 9 .

• Negotiable Bills of Lading • Non-negotiable Bs/L • Container Bills of Lading • Bills of Lading in association with a charter party • With the development of combined transport operations. an increasing volume of both liner trade and bulk cargo shipments will be carried • Involving the Bs/L being issued in association with a selected charter party 5/18/2018 10 .

• Straight Bs/L • Waybill • Non-negotiable Bs/L 5/18/2018 11 .