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Rhetoric … What is it?

Rhetoric is persuasive writing or

speaking, with the use of figure
of speech and other techniques
What is argument?
What is Counter-
argument? Argument is a main idea, a
A claim or set of ideas claim or a thesis statement
meant to oppose that is supported with
another idea, evidence.
generally followed by
- The time/place of a
- Can be a person
piece, the context
or many people.
that has prompted
- A way of
the writing.
- An environment
through writing,
including ideas,
audio elements,
attitudes, and
visual elements,
emotions that
and speech.
revolve around a
broad issue.
Audience Purpose Subject
- To whom the argument is - In every writing - Writers use who they are and
directed to. piece, there is a their feelings about a certain
- Can be to a person or to purpose subject in order to persuade or
people. - What is author trying inform the audience.
- The choice of audience affects to tell the reader - Considering the subject means
how and why a speaker creates - How might author’s that the writer/speaker sums up
a particular text. point of view affect what they already know, what
the reader? they need to know,
investigating perspectives, and
determining kinds of evidence
or proofs that seem to be most 5
Favoritism towards
one side of the
argument based on
personal feelings or