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Agustin Cristiyani
“Nursing Staff”
What Is a Nurse ?

The nurse is a person

who plays a role in
caring for or
nurturing, assisting
and protecting
someone due to
illness, injury and
peruses of aging
(Harlley, 1997).
The nurse staff is a
person who has
completed a program of
basic, generalized
nursing education and is
authorized by the
appropriate regulatory
authority to practice
nursing in his/her

Diagram of Nursing
Staff in Indonesia 400,000

Diagram on the number of health 350,000

personnel collected by the Ministry of
Health PPSDM Health RI Until the
year (2014), the amount of nurses who 300,000
have STR in Indonesia is 281.111
And then data comparison 250,000
from BPPSDMK in the year 2015 is
decrease nurses in Indonesia that is
amount to 223.910 people. 200,000
Until the year 2016,
according to Health Ministry's Health
Department data, the number of 150,000
registered nurses in this country
reaches 288.405 people that is increase
from the year before. 100,000
Finally for year 2017 the
Gustinerz search results from online
data base the number of nurses in 50,000
Indonesia 22 October 2017 is step by
step amount nurses is increase to
384.946 people 0
2014 2015 2016 2017
Example of Nursing Staff at
Doris Sylvanus Palangkaraya

We take Dr. Doris Sylvanus Palangkaraya

Hospital as an example for Nursing Staff where
in every room in hospital there are parts of
Nursing Staff such as room chief, leader team,
nurse practitioner and then nursing staff.
Nursing is a form of professional service
which is an integral part of health services
based on nursing science and tips, in the
form of comprehensive bio-psycho-social
and spiritual services, addressed to
individuals, groups and communities both
healthy and sick that covers the entire life
cycle of man.
Nursing is an applied science that uses
intellectual skills, technical skills and
interpersonal skills as well as using the
nursing process in helping the client to
achieve the optimal level of health.
The Nursing Staff is prepared and
authorized to engage in the general scope
of nursing practice, including the
promotion of health, prevention of illness,
and care of physically ill, mentally ill, and
disabled people of all ages and in all health
care and other community settings